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Nichole Nanchy--
Volunteer of the Month

May 2003

For the month of May, we honor Nicole Nanchy, who just graduated with a B.A. in Human Services. She has been very active in volunteerism through counseling homeless women with the sexual assault crisis counseling center and serving turkey dinners to the needy. Nicole finds her inspiration to volunteer with women from the oppression they faced in history.

"I feel that I have the spirit to give women the passion to love life," she said.

Nicole began volunteering with women twelve years ago at the Chino Women's Prison. She shared with me her belief that "all humans have the right to food, shelter, safety, and relationships." She added "I can give people relationships." Nicole's biggest impact on the community, however, came through the founding of Marine Moms Together. She founded the program a year ago after her 19-year-old son Brandon was sent overseas in January. She saw that there was no support system for Marine moms in her community- so she started one.

Nicole Nanchy has worked with women for several years now and her impact on the community has been immeasurable. One of her greatest accomplishments has been the founding of Marine Moms Together where her dedication to providing women an emotional support system along with a safe environment for the mothers of soldiers to share their experiences is an inspiration to us all.

Recognizing Volunteers' Efforts

Thousands of our students and faculty members have contributed their time to volunteer and community service projects over the course of the campaign thus far, but there are some whose efforts can be seen as exemplary. Of the many goals set forth by the Titans 100K Hours of Service campaign, one of the most important ones is that of recognition. Each month we plan to celebrate the accomplishments of one of the many contributors to the Titans 100K Hours of Service campaign.

If you are involved in your community, we want to recognize you for the good work you do. Document your service hours by completing a card and place it in one of the various drop boxes located at key campus locations. If it's more convenient to log hours online, go to www.fullerton.edu/100k/loghours.htm. All CSUF students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to participate in showing our community that we are indeed changing the world!

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To be considered for the Volunteer of the Month, your service must meet the criteria outlined on the Recognition Rules page.

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