Coded Memoranda

According to the Accessible Technology Initiative Coded Memorandum AA-2013-03, campuses are required to accomplish these web accessibility goals:

  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Process: Identify and repair or replace inaccessible websites, web applications, and digital content.
  • New Website/Web Application and Digital Content Design and Development Process: New website/web application and digital content development complies with all Section 508 accessibility guidelines.
  • Ongoing Monitoring Process: Updating and maintenance of websites/web applications and digital content comply with Section 508 Accessibility Standards.
  • Exemptions and Alternatives Process: Documented non-compliant websites, web applications and digital content must be delivered in an equally effective alternate format and granted an exemption.
  • Training Process: Professional development training has incorporated Section 508 accessibility guidelines into website and web applications development and digital content preparation.
  • Communication Process: The campus community is aware of Section 508 guidelines to make web based information available to everyone (students, staff, faculty & the general public) regardless of disability.
  • Administrative Process: Campus governance entities are aware of and kept informed about web accessibility.