What is a VPAT?

VPAT stands for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template. A VPAT is a vendor-generated statement that provides information on how a product or service conforms to the Section 508 Accessibility Standards (from the U.S. Access Board) for Electronic and Information Technology (E&I T) in a consistent fashion and format. In general, vendors should generate a VPAT whenever they develop products or services that are determined to be E&I T and are to be sold in the California State University market place. In each VPAT, vendors are expected to make specific statements in simple understandable language about how their product or service meets the requirements of the Section 508 Standards (section by section, and paragraph by paragraph).

VPATs are required for all Electronic & Information Technology (E&IT) purchases including hardware, software, and services, regardless of cost, for use by one or more students in a public academic setting (lab, classroom, etc.), more than one University employee, or the general public.

Please email ATIProcurement@fullerton.edu if you have any questions regarding this process.