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Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association (CLFSA) is to bring together members of the Chicano/Latino faculty and staff in order to promote effective communication between all segments of the Chicano/Latino and other minority communities of California State University, Fullerton. 

The association also promotes the attainment of educational excellence for Chicano/Latino and minority students at CSUF.  It promotes the successful completion of graduation and degree attainment of Chicanos/Latinos at all educational levels and it further promotes and advocates the principles of educational equity as it pertain to faculty, staff and students of CSUF.

How does the CLFSA promote the attainment of education excellence and successful completion of graduation?

The CLFSA has continuously been involved in the development and promotion of higher education programs. The CLFSA awards scholarships to undergraudate and graduate students. Since 1994 the Association has raised over $54,500 in scholarship money and awarded more than 56 scholarships to Latino students. The CLFSA has networked with campus organizations and educational associations in support of Chicano/Latino leadership conferences. CLFSA members serve as advocates on boards, advisory groups, and committees in areas affecting the education of Chicano/Latino Students. CLFSA is active in effecting a better understanding of the special educational needs of students by providing external resources.

CSUF is Nationally Ranked: 1st in Master's degrees awarded to Hispanics in Mathematics, 6th in Baccalaureate degrees to Hispanics, 6th in Baccalaureate degrees awarded to Minority Students, and 10th in the nation for the number of Hispanics faculty and administrators employed.