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Career Exploration

Are you undecided, undeclared, not sure about what major or career you may be interested in? If so, you may want to think of yourself as an open minded individual who needs to do some career exploration to identify a major or career path.

What is Career Exploration?

Career exploration is a fancy word for doing RESEARCH. It translates into doing research about careers, majors, and industries, but MOST IMPORTANTLY it translates into doing research about yourself. Aligning your interests, skills, abilities, personality traits, and values with related careers or majors is a great way to bring about career satisfaction.

Quick Facts About Majors and Careers

  • Only about 2% of individuals truly know at age 18 what they want to do for the rest of their lives
  • National statistic vary but up to 50% of entering college students are undecided about their major
  • The average student changes their major 3 or more times before they graduate
  • Students need to declare a major by the time they reach 60 units to avoid registration holds
  • Identifying Interests, Skills, Abilities, Personality Traits, and Values when selecting a major/career usually brings career satisfaction
  • Your major does not dictate what you will be doing for the rest of your life
  • Often times, there is more than one specific major that can lead you to your ideal career
  • Some individuals spend more time thinking about their dream car or dream vacation than they do outlining their ideal career
  • Experience coupled with your major will provide you career opportunities, not your major alone
  • On average most students can only think about 10 related career options within their given major
  • More than half of all college graduates pursue careers not directly related to their major
  • Most employers are open to hiring from all majors and are more interested in the particular and unique experiences that students have to offer
  • Most people can expect to have 4.5 careers over their lifetime and work for an average of 10 different employers

Quick Facts About the Career Planning Process

Consider utilizing the resources below to assist you with your CAREER EXPLORATION

Occupation & Career Information Resources

These resources provide in depth information about careers, industries, career trends, and salary information.

Career Planning Resources