California State University, Fullerton

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get the university logo?

The university logo is available for download for official university business. Please also refer to the guidelines governing the University's visual identity system. Unless permission is given, use of any University mark by unaffiliated, external organizations is prohibited. Under agreement with the University, the institutionally affiliated Auxiliary Services Corporation is responsible for licensing our trademarked CSUF marks for external for-profit, commercial purposes. For other requests, contact Strategic Communications.

May I use Athletics' "F" mark and/or the Titans shield for my non-athletics project?

No. There are three Athletics-related marks that are part of the university's visual identity system: the Titan shield featuring the elephant iconography, the circular "F" icon and the "Titans" wordmark. These image solutions may only be used for athletics-related applications, with the exception of merchandise or apparel designed for sale in the bookstore. Please refer to the guidelines for the university's visual identity system for more information.

May I use the university seal for my project?

The seal is the most formal tier of the university's visual identity package and is reserved for use on diplomas, certificates, resolutions, formal recognition items, major campus monuments, the university flag and other items as requested by the president. Please refer to the guidelines for the university's visual identity system for more information. If you have further questions, please email

May I design my own logo for my program?

No. All university entities – divisions, departments, centers, and special programs – must use the official university logo. Some on-campus entities qualify for logo extension, which feature a line of unique text beneath the standard logo. Extension treatments may be created only by Strategic Communications. Please refer to the guidelines for the university's visual identity system for more information.

May I have custom Tuffy clipart created?

With at least four weeks' notice, a custom illustration of Tuffy can be created for you if an existing illustration featuring Tuffy does not meet your needs. Please complete a consultation form and/or contact Strategic Communications for more information.

May I have my own website for my program?

If your specific program does not yet have a website, you should discuss your needs with your division's web contact. Please refer to our "Websites" information page as well as the guidelines governing university websites for more information.

If I work with Strategic Communications for my print project, how long will it take?

The inception-to-delivery timeline of a print project can vary greatly depending on a host of considerations, from the complexity or length of the job; to the need for things like market research or new photography; to the current workload and project queue in the Strategic Communications department. The majority of projects take 6-8 weeks from start to finish.

What are the official university colors?

The official university colors are blue and white. Orange does appear in our logos, but is an accent color and not an official university color.

What does Strategic Communications charge for design services? Who is eligible to use Strategic Communications' services?

Strategic Communications does not charge for services completed in-house, such as editorial development, graphic design and project management. Fees for outside vendors such as some photography and all printing are billed directly to on-campus clients at-cost. Any official on-campus entity is eligible to request services from the department.