California State University, Fullerton

Getting Help

There are a number of resources on campus that can help you with a wide range of communications questions, issues and solutions.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications supports the advancement of the University by providing leadership in and management of market research and planning; central all-university advertising; client-initiated print, online, email, and video communications projects; signature publications such as Titan magazine, Titan Report, student recruitment materials, and academic publications; the institution’s homepage and some second-level pages;; central all-university social media engagement efforts; media relations; internal communications; and the promotion of campuswide identity standards and communication guidelines.

There is no fee to on-campus clients for services completed by the Strategic Communications team, but all clients will be asked to sign a client agreement for each new project that outlines roles and responsibilities. At-cost charges for services completed by off-campus vendors, such as printing, are billed directly to the client department.

Communication Working Groups

A number of coordinating working groups address a wide range of communications-related policy, collaboration, and training issues across campus.

Titan Communications

Titan Communications, which is part of the College of Communications, provides fee-based audio and video services to university clients and a host of digital-media facilities for student use. Titan Communications is also responsible the university's public-access "Titan Channel" that appears on local cable-television systems.