California State University, Fullerton


For several years, this Communications Resources website has provided useful guidelines, downloads, and best practices to the Titan community.

While many on campus tend to focus on fairly narrow objectives in their communications work, such as promoting a particular program or event, it is important to recognize that each of these discrete efforts is a reflection on the University as a whole.

Accordingly, while we should certainly seek to "do no harm" and maintain consistency in voice and design, we can also advance broader efforts to help move and shape the institution's image in helpful, strategic ways.  

Indeed, a primary goal for external communications efforts at Cal State Fullerton is to help the institution move toward an aspirational position in the higher-education landscape where the institution can most effectively fulfill its educational mission. In this context, that can mean successfully engaging and shaping perceptions held by prospective donors, employees, advocates, and students.

An aspirational positioning statement researched and developed in 2008 and revised in 2014 helps to focus communications work for the University. The statement helps guide how we present ourselves to our various publics.

In short, we will continue to celebrate our role as a leading intellectual and cultural center of the CSU system, a partner in workforce and economic development, and a national model for efforts that bolster student success. We will also continue to boast our unmatched value and the importance of our rich diversity, which complete a compelling case for why Cal State Fullerton is a first-choice, investment-worthy institution for our many stakeholders.

Jeffrey D. Cook
Chief Communications Officer
July 2014