California State University, Fullerton


At the present time, the Cal State Fullerton has no official tagline. A tagline — or "slogan" — is, however, an important core creative expression for any organization, and an official solution for Cal State Fullerton is planned for implementation in 2014.

Informal taglines developed and in use by divisions, colleges, and programs of the university are not officially recognized or sanctioned.

A central, all-university advertising campaign launched in spring 2013 carries an evidence-based theme of "Titans Reach Higher," and is supported by a campaign website. While not an official all-university tagline, the "Titans Reach Higher" campaign provides thematic guidance to the campus community and supports what we know to date about the University's aspirational market position and strategic-plan goals, as well as the vision for the institution by senior leadership. Divisions, colleges, and programs of the University are invited to connect to and promote this campaign theme.