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Lecturer Faculty Appointments




  • Full-time temporary academic appointments have a workload of 15 weighted teaching units (WTU). Note: "temporary faculty" includes both full and part-time faculty.

  • Part-time temporary academic appointments have a workload of less than 15 weighted teaching units (WTU).

  • Lecturers are expected to be available to their students for one office hour for each
    3 WTU's of instruction. (Workload is
    not measured in units, but for the purpose of part-time appointments. WTU is used to determine time base.)

  • Full-time lecturer appointments are unconditional. Part-time lecturer appointments
    are conditional and may be cancelled prior to the third class meeting
    (Ref CBA Article 12)



Lecturer Faculty Appointment Types

Three Year Entitlement Appointments
Temporary faculty (excluding coaches) possessing six or more years of prior consecutive service on that
campus will be offered a three-year temporary appointment. Temporary faculty holding a three-year
appointment will have the expectation of appointment to subsequent three-year appointments except in
instances of documented unsatisfactory performance or serious conduct problems. One semester is
equivalent to one year of service. Three-year appointments will be issued for employment in each department
where the temporary faculty member has established eligibility. (Ref CBA Article 12)

One Year Similar Assignment

Faculty who are appointed during the previous fall and spring semesters and who are offered an
appointment the following fall in the same department (rather than a one-semester appointment at the same or higher time base and same or higher salary rate) must receive an academic year appointment. 
(Ref CBA Article 12)

Required Hiring Documentation

Review the "Appointment for 1 Year or Less" flowchart to determine the correct Documentation  or jump to the appropriate documentation schedule below:

  Checklist 1 - Search conducted and lecturer not previously employed
  Checklist 2 - Search conducted and was previously employed FT during prior AY

  Checklist 3 - Visiting Faculty - 1 year only

  Checklist 4 - No Search conducted and was employed FT during prior AY

  Checklist 5 - 1 Year or 1 Semester Only if previously PT

Required Hiring Documentation for Part-Time Faculty

CSU-1 Form
• Transcripts
• 3 Letters of Recommendation
Degree and Background Check: Release and Authorization Form

Missing Documentation (only include this form if any of the above documentation is missing)

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