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Sub Faculty Appointments

Required Hiring Documentation for Substitute Faculty Appointments

Substitute Faculty Appointment for Short Duration Form

Substitute Faculty Appointment for Short Duration Timesheet


Types of Substitution

It is sometimes necessary for departments to temporarily replace faculty who, because of
illness or other causes, are unable to meet their assigned instructional duties. Such substitutions
are governed in part by Article 20.8 of the Unit 3 (Faculty) Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
There are three types of substitutions:

• Voluntary Substitution

   The CBA at Article 20.8 allows faculty to substitute for colleagues for periods of short duration
   on a voluntary basis, and this practice is often used when the absence entails only a limited number
   of classes and involves modest amounts of preparation for the faculty member doing the substituting.
   The CBA requires prior approval of the department chair for such arrangements.

• Substitutes for Short Duration (20 or fewer days)
   Because the University currently receives no separate allocation to pay for substitutes, funds for this
   purpose are normally drawn from part-time faculty blanket funds in the department and college in which
   the substitute is hired. For substitutions of short duration (the CBA refers to 20 or fewer days), faculty
   are to be compensated at the hourly rate on the current salary schedule for class code 2356.

• Substitutes or Replacements for more than 20 Days
   Substitutes for periods in excess of 20 days, the CBA states that compensation is to be in the form of
   a workload reduction, given as soon as is practicable (e.g., a faculty member who substituted for a
   colleague for most of the semester in a 3-unit class might be given a 3-unit reduction in workload the
   following semester). In the event the substitute is not returning, compensation would be required at the
   time of separation.

Replacements   If the use of substitutes compensated by workload reduction is not possible, it may
be necessary to appoint a replacement faculty member, using the campus procedures for hiring temporary
(part-time or full-time) faculty. Compensation will be based on weighted teaching units, using the salary
schedule for class code 2358. If such an appointment is contemplated, consult Faculty Affairs and Records
regarding procedures for a full-time replacement or the College Dean’s office regarding a
replacement .

Steps to Appoint a Substitute  

Step 1

If your department does not have a blanket CMS position number for substitute faculty you will need to work with the budget staff member in your college to obtain one before filling out and submitting the form. If you already have a blanket position number, proceed to Step 2

Step 2

Fill out Substitute Faculty Appointment for Short Duration form.

Step 3

Obtain the Department Chair and College Dean’s signatures.

Step 4

Forward the form to Faculty Affairs and Records. FAR will review the form and obtain the VPAA’s signature.

Step 5

FAR will notify the department that the appointment is ready to be picked up.

Step 6

Department can then have the substitute faculty member sign the appointment offer and process the form per their department guidelines/procedures. The original form can then be sent to Payroll along with the time sheet for actual hours worked.

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