California State University, Fullerton

Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments


Required Hiring Documentation

 Tenure Track Checklist: 


Three Letters of Recommendation
Dean’s Recommendation
Chair’s Recommendation
Search Committee Recommendation

• Diversity and Equity Process Summary
• Curriculum Vitae
CSU 1 Form
• Transcripts
Degree and Background Check : Release and Authorization Form
• Position Posting


Tenure Track Conversion
(after completion of Doctorate)
• Official Transcripts-Usually mailed directly to FAR from
  faculty's degree granting university. 


 Tenure Track with Service Credit Checklist


All documentation listed under the Tenure Track checklist plus documentation covering the service credit period.

Determining the Service Credit Period:
› 1 Year: Fall of AY prior to hire date plus courses currently being taught
2 Year: Fall 2011 (or equivalent quarters) plus courses currently being taught and full previous AY (i.e. for a Fall 2013 hires, docs would cover 2011-12, Fall 2012 and Spring 2013)


Please note that:

Scholarly or creative accomplishments must include:
Copies of publication, date published (or end product a
  appropriate) and peer reviews
• List of work in progress
• Teaching/student evaluation data for period of service
  credit and a list of courses currently being taught.