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Applying for Fee Waiver

New Student

1. Complete Faculty (or Faculty Dependent) Fee Waiver Form.  The fee waiver form submitted with new applications to the University waives the application fee and the first semester’s registration fees. Please allow plenty of time – at least four (4) weeks - for processing your application and fee waiver prior to registration for classes.  Registration for fall semester is in July and registration for spring semester is in November.  Therefore, make sure you have applied to the University and submitted your fee waiver by at least the end of May, for the fall semester, and by the end of September, for the spring semester.  This will allow for your application materials to be processed in time for you to register for classes. 

Applying without a fee waiver form: Although it is best to timely process your fee waiver
before registering, you may register during your appointment time whether or not your fee waiver
has been processed - so don’t wait to register for classes. It is better to register for your classes
and then subsequently seek reimbursement for fees covered by the fee waiver program, than
to wait and not be able to get the classes you need. Reimbursement can take weeks
depending upon the method of payment and workload of Student Financial Services.

2. Apply to the University (online or paper).   If you are applying online, you should indicate that you are paying by check.  Submit your fee waiver to FAR within two weeks of applying online, so that FAR may process the fee waiver and submit it to Admissions and Records.  FAR will email you once it has processed the fee waiver and provided it to Admissions and Records and/or Student Financial Services.  Paper applications take many weeks to process. If you apply using a paper application, then a copy of the approved fee waiver must be attached to the application in order for A&R to process the document. Therefore, you will need to first submit the completed fee waiver to FAR. FAR will provide you with a copy of the fee waiver which you can use to attach to your application.

First time Freshmen: A&R closes registration to most first time freshmen majors for fall semester
on December 1st. First time freshmen are not accepted for the spring semester.

3. Once you are admitted to the University, A&R will mail you an admission notice.
The admission notice will provide you with a student campus e-mail address (different from your worke-mail address, if you work for the University). Through this e-mail address you will be notified of your appointment time for registration. You may also check the CSU Fullerton home page for the range of registration dates for the current academic semester.

4. Registration Using TITAN Online.  All students must register using the TITAN Online registration system. After you receive your appointment information for registration, you may register for up to two fee waiver courses or six units, whichever is greater, during each regular academic semester. You mustpay your fees within three days of registration. Failure to pay may result in disenrollment. These fees include your Student Body Association Fee, the Student Body Center Fee/Student Union Fee, and the Health Facilities Fee ($1.00 each). Once you have registered for classes, you can immediately access your schedule of classes online.