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Job Related Courses


Admission Requirements

CSU admission requirements do not apply (e.g., official transcripts, etc.). However, you will need to complete a paper application (page one, the schools attended, and signature on the back of the form). The paper application must be picked up from Langsdorf Hall 101 or Langsdorf Hall 114. This application must be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions & Records Application Center (Langsdorf Hall 114) for processing. This type of admission covers only one semester. Otherwise, continue to follow the process outlined on the “Applying for Fee Waiver” page.

Nature of Courses
Job-related courses relate to your current assignment or your training/retrainingthat will benefit the campus.

Courses that are NOT job related
Courses that do not fall under the above definition of Job-related courses are subject to taxation per the
CSU Technical Letter HR/Benefits 2011-14

tax table