Difference in Pay Leave

Difference in Pay Leave (DIP)

UPS 260.104PDF File as well as Article 28PDF File Opens in new window of the Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement govern the granting of Difference-in-Pay leave to eligible faculty. It is recommended that you review both thoroughly prior to submitting your application. In order to qualify for a DIP leave, faculty must complete the Difference-in-Pay Leave Application and submit it to FAR in October (detailed deadlines can be found on the application).


Eligibility Requirement for Sabbatical and Difference-in-Pay

Probationary and Tenured Faculty, Full-Time Lecturers, Full-Time Librarians and Full-Time Academic-Related Counselors (SSP-AR) may be eligible for Sabbatical/DIP leave. Faculty must have full-time continuous service for 6 years total prior to taking their first sabbatical or DIP leave. Thereafter, faculty must have full-time continuous service for 3 years prior to taking a DIP leave or 6 years prior to taking a sabbatical leave.


Request for Additional Employment (during approved leave)

Approval for additional employment during an approved personal leave may be submitted utilizing the form below: