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Frequently Asked Questions


Fee Waiver


  • I am a Lecturer, am I eligible?
    Lecturers (Full or Part Time) must have a three year appointment contract in order to be

  • I am a Coach, am I eligible?
    Coaches must have at least six (6) consecutive years of service in the department.

  • Will my fee waiver application still be processed even if I miss the submission deadline?
    It is important to meet the deadline because once the form is turned in, then further processing must occur  which can take several weeks. Also, when a late request is submitted, it can impact the processing time for those applications submitted on time. However, in rare occasions, your application may be accepted late but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your paperwork will be processed in time for registration. Additionally, you may be required to pay fees and then seek reimbursement.

  • I submitted my fee waiver late and had to pay the fees out of my pocket.
    How do I check on the status of my reimbursement?
    Paying the fees directly does not automatically trigger a reimbursement - you need to specifically request it from Student Financial Services, located in University Hall, Room 180 at extension 2495. Please allow at least two (2) weeks from the date that you pay your fees before requesting reimbursement. Once the request has been made, it can take several weeks to receive reimbursement. Reimbursement will take longer if fees were paid by check than if they were paid by credit card.

  • If I am taking CSU fee waiver courses and non-fee waiver courses, what fees do I need to pay for?
    For faculty, the Registration and Tuition Fees (in addition to the Application Fee, Identification Card Fee, Instructional Related Activity Fee and Health Services Fee) are waived for the units of courses taken  in the CSU fee waiver program.  There is a one-time $55 refund for the initial application into a degree program. Note that for dependents, only the Application Fee and Identification Card Fee are waived, the other fees are not.  A maximum of two CSU courses or six units, whichever is greater, may be taken on the CSU fee waiver  program per semester/quarter at any CSU campus.  When you or your dependent are taking courses in addition  to fee waiver courses, you will need to pay the difference between the part-time State University Fee and the full-time State University Fee. All of the other fees must be paid at the regular rate.

  • What fees are waived for faculty taking CSU fee waiver courses?
        The following fees are fully waived:    
        Application Fee,
    Identification Card Fee, Instructional Related Activity Fee and Health Services Fee.

        The following fees shall be reduced to one dollar ($1.00) each:    
        Associated Student Body Fee, University Union Fee and Health Facilities Fee
  • Is the faculty fee waiver in effect for summer?
    If summer courses are state supported they will be covered under the fee waiver benefit. Courses in self-support programs are not covered.

  • Can a student registered at another CSU campus enroll in one class at CSU Fullerton
    using the fee waiver benefit (for example, the home campus does not offer the class
    that is offered at CSU Fullerton)?
    Yes. Students enrolled at other campuses of The California State University may enroll at CSU Fullerton while concurrently enrolled at their home campus or as visitors. Information about eligibility requirements, enrollment conditions (e.g., the student must be in good standing and have completed at least 12 units) and application forms are available from the Office of Admissions and Records at the home campus. The student should pick up a  visitor enrollment form from his or her home campus and obtain the necessary signatures from the home campus Registrar's Office. The student should then submit the completed  visitor enrollment form  to the CSU Fullerton Application Center in the Office of Admission & Records ( Langsdorf Hall, Room 108), either by mail or in person. The form may be used for only one semester at a time. The student should then submit the fee waiver paperwork to Faculty Affairs & Records (FAR). FAR notifies CSU Fullerton's Office of Admissions & Records (A&R) of the fee waiver application and codes the fee waiver into the system  so that the student can attend CSU Fullerton as a faculty dependent. After taking the class at CSU Fullerton  via a visitor enrollment, the student returns to his or her home school as a continuing student. The transcript showing the work completed at CSU Fullerton will automatically be sent to the student's home campus.

  • Do I need to apply for a fee waiver for every semester I am taking classes?
    Yes. Either your status or your dependent's status may change, so each semester, fee waiver applications must be submitted.

  • What is the difference between job-related courses and career development courses? 
    Job-related courses relate to your current faculty assignment or the retraining of a faculty unit employee that will benefit the campus. Follow the process in the section entitled  Job-Related Courses. Career development courses relate to future career opportunities and assignments within the CSU. Career development courses require that a program of study be established by the faculty member and an appropriate advisor of choice. This program requires a written approval of the appropriate administrator. Normally, CSU admission requirements must be met. See Articles 26.1-26.15 of the Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement at: http :// for more information.

  • How will the fee waiver benefit impact my taxes? 
    Fee waivers for faculty in a graduate or EDD program are subject to taxation by the Federal Government if the courses are not directly related to your CSUF faculty position.  THE TAXES WILL BE WITHHELD FROM YOUR PAY WARRANT based on the semester you are utilizing the benefits.  Please see the following for more information: http ://