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Submitting an Electronic Appendix for Retention, Tenure and Promotion

Per UPS 210.000, when submitting an RTP file for a full performance review, the Portfolio itself must be submitted in hard copy form in a binder, but a faculty member may choose to submit the Appendices via the Electronic Retention and Promotion Process (ERTP).

For ERTP, the Appendix materials are organized into the three areas of review (Teaching, Scholarly and Creative Activity, and Service), and uploaded to the ERTP SharePoint website.

ERTP is not available for the abbreviated review process.

If you plan to submit an electronic appendix using ERTP, you must notify the FAR office, even if you have used ERTP before. 

›   ERTP Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
›   Appendix Folders Template 
›   Characters to avoid in file names before you upload them to SharePoint 2010
›   Uploading Documents with a Mac
   Uploading Multiple Files using Internet Explorer
   Creating links for the Appendix Table of Contents


ERTP Training/Lab Sessions for Fall 2014

FAR has scheduled several training/lab sessions on uploading files to ERTP and working with the Appendix Table of Contents.  The sessions will provide instructions and hands-on assistance to first-time participants, and also anyone needing a refresher or technical help.  Faculty are encouraged to bring their RTP files with them on a flash drive to start uploading. If using a Mac computer, it is recommended you bring your laptop as there are a limited number of Mac workstations.

To sign up for one of the following sessions, contact Penny Connell (, x 8593).

8/18      Monday               2:00 - 3:30       PLS-44F
8/19      Tuesday              2:00 - 3:30       PLS-44F

8/26      Tuesday              9:00 - 10:30     PLS-44F 
8/28      Thursday             9:00 - 10:30     PLS-44F 

9/10       Wednesday      11:00 - 12:30     PLS-44F
9/11       Thursday            3:00 - 4:30       PLS-44F

9/23       Tuesday              9:00 - 10:30     PLS-44F
9/24       Wednesday         1:00 - 2:30       PLS-44F

Note for Accessing the ERTP site from off-campus

ERTP is best accessed from a desktop computer on campus or laptop connected to the Faculty/Staff secure WiFi.  If you wish to view the ERTP site while off-campus, you will need to set up your computer for secure access.  Please visit the VPN page or contact the Academic Technology Center for assistance.