California State University, Fullerton

Tenured (permanent)


Post-Tenure Reviews

At the conclusion of the RTP process faculty who have been awarded Tenure and or Promotion
enter the post tenure review cycle
. For the purpose of maintaining and improving a tenured faculty
unit employee's effectiveness, tenured faculty unit employees shall be subject to periodic performance
evaluations at intervals of no greater than five (5) years. Such periodic evaluations shall be conducted
by a peer review committee of the department or equivalent unit, and the appropriate administrator.
For those with teaching responsibilities, consideration shall include student evaluations of teaching

A tenured faculty unit employee shall be provided a copy of the peer committee report of his/her
periodic evaluation. The peer review committee chair and the appropriate administrator shall meet
with the tenured faculty unit employee to discuss his/her strengths and weaknesses
along with
suggestions, if any, for his/her improvement.
A copy of the peer committee's and the appropriate
administrator's summary reports shall be placed in the tenured faculty unit employee's
Personnel Action File

Each department maintains procedures and criteria for periodic review of its tenured faculty
members, however all must contain elements listed in
UPS 210.020.


Post-Tenure Review Forms

Post-Tenure Review Dean
Post-Tenure Review Chair
Post-Tenure Review Department Personnel Committee (DPC)