Promotion and Post-Tenure Review

Tenured Faculty - Promotion to Professor (or equivalent)

Promotion of a tenured faculty member shall normally be considered during the fifth year in rank, with promotion effective at the beginning of the sixth year.  The Promotion Declaration Form must be submitted by the faculty member by the end of the second week of classes of the fall semster (September 7, 2018 for the 18-19 AY) to indicate whether they: 1) Do not want to be considered for promotion, 2) Want to be considered for normative-time promotion, or 3) Want to be considered for early promotion.  

Example of applying for normative-time promotion to Professor
In this example, the faculty member received Tenure and Promotion, effective August 2014.
2013-2014  faculty member undergoes review for tenure and promotion
2014-2015  first year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2015-2016  second year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2016-2017  third year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2017-2018  fourth year of service as tenured Associate Professor
2018-2019  normative-time consideration for promotion to Professor

Applying prior to completing four years of service as an Associate Professor, Associate Librarian, or SSP-AR II Counselor is considered applying for early promotion.

In the scenario above, the tenured faculty member applying for promotion would provide a portfolio covering the period of time from their tenure and promotion submission (October, 2013) to the file due date in October, 2018.  Per UPS 210.000: "Accomplishments documented for the promotion to Associate Professor shall not count again for promotion to Professor."

Post-Tenure Reviews

At the conclusion of the RTP process faculty who have been awarded Tenure and or Promotion enter the post-tenure review cycle. For the purpose of maintaining and improving a tenured faculty unit employee's effectiveness, tenured faculty unit employees shall be subject to periodic performance evaluations at intervals of no greater than five (5) years. Such periodic evaluations shall be conducted by a peer review committee of the department or equivalent unit, and the appropriate administrator. For those with teaching responsibilities, consideration shall include student evaluations of teaching performance.

A tenured faculty unit employee shall be provided a copy of the peer committee report of his/her periodic evaluation. The peer review committee chair and the appropriate administrator shall meet with the tenured faculty unit employee to discuss his/her strengths and weaknesses along with suggestions, if any, for his/her improvement. A copy of the peer committee's and the appropriate administrator's summary reports shall be placed in the tenured faculty unit employee's Personnel Action File . 

Each department maintains procedures and criteria for periodic review of its tenured faculty members, however all must contain elements listed in UPS 210.020PDF File Opens in new window .  Each College specifies its own calendar of deadlines for submission of materials, evaluations, and completion of the process. 

Participants in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) shall not be required to undergo the post-tenure evaluation unless an evaluation is requested by either the FERP participant or the appropriate administrator.

Note that when a tenured faculty member applies for and undergoes a review for promotion or early promotion to Professor, this counts in lieu of a post-tenure review and resets the clock for when the faculty member is due for his or her next post-tenure review.