California State University, Fullerton

General Provisions for Equity Programs 2013 


Eligibility for awards is limited to individuals who are employed at the campus as faculty unit employees at the time of program implementation. Rehired annuitants and participants in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) are not eligible for awards. The collective bargaining agreement between the CSU and the CFA establishes first priority for awards to those faculty members who received equity awards pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding between the CSU and the CFA dated 8/18/2010. 

Determination of Award Amounts for Individuals who received a 2010 Equity Award

Faculty members who are otherwise eligible and have priority for awards based on receipt of an award in the 2010 equity awards program will receive an award amount determined as follows.

  • Determine the full award that would have been made had the 2008/09 equity program developed by the Equity Oversight Committee.
  • This program is described in Appendix G of the CBA:
  • Subtract the actual award made in the 2010 equity program from the full award.
    • This is the “presumptive award.  
  • Determine whether the faculty member received any of the following:
    • An increase for market;
    • A Post-Promotion Increase; or
    • An increase upon promotion in excess of 7.5%.  
  • If the faculty member received any of the above salary increases, subtract the amount of the increase from the presumptive award.
  • The difference after subtracting any increases for market, Post-Promotion Increases, or the amount of a promotion increase that exceeded 7.5% is the actual equity increase to be awarded .  

Example 1 : Professor Jones was an associate professor (academic year) in 2008 making $5,197 per month, or $62,364 annually. She became an associate professor in fall 2006. In 2010, she was evaluated for an equity award under the terms of the 2010 MOU. Since she entered the rank of associate professor in 2006, and her annual salary was less than the “benchmark” salary for that year of $68,688, she was awarded an equity increase of $84 per month ($1,008 per year), bringing her new salary (retroactive to July 1, 2008) to $5,281 per month, or $63,372 annually.  

According to Appendix G, a full equity award would have been $527 per month or $6,324 per year. (This amount is the difference between her actual salary in 2008 and the benchmark salary.) Since she had already received $84 per month, her “presumptive award” is $527 – $84, or $443 per month ($5,316 per year).  

In fall 2011 Professor Jones was promoted to professor. Her base salary in 2011 prior to promotion was $5,283 per month. (The difference of $2 per month between her post-equity salary in 2008 and her salary prior to promotion was the result of a General Salary Increase (GSI) of 0.045% in September 2010. The GSI does not reduce the equity award.) After promotion, Professor Jones’s new base salary was $6,011 per month, the minimum for the full professor rank. The increase of $728 per month represented an increase of 13.78%. An increase of 7.5% would have been $397 per month. Subtracting $397 from $728, the difference is $331 per month. This is the amount by which the presumptive award should be adjusted.

$443 - $331 = $112.  

The final equity award is $112 per month , or $1,334 annually.  

Example 2 : Professor Lee was an associate professor on July 1, 2008 earning $6,000 per month ($72,000 per year). Professor Lee was promoted to associate professor in fall 2005. The benchmark salary for associate professors who entered the rank in 2005/06 was $70,056. Since Professor Lee’s salary was greater than the benchmark, he received a Year of Entry into Rank (YER) award in 2010.  

This award was $32 per month, or $384 per year, bringing Professor Lee’s new salary to $6,032 per month ($72,384 per year). Professor Lee was promoted to professor effective fall 2010. He received a 7.5% increase upon promotion. The only other salary increase he received after July 1, 2008 was the 0.045% GSI in 2010.  

His current salary is $6,488 per month, or $77,856 per year.  

Professor Lee’s full equity award based on YER would have been $200 per month, or $2400 per year.  

His presumptive award is: $200 – 32 = $168 per month ($2,016 per year)  

Because Professor Lee did not receive a PPI or market increase, and his promotion increase was 7.5%, his actual equity award is equal to his presumptive award of $168 per month, or $2,016 per year.  

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