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Additional Employment

Faculty Additional Pay

Faculty Additional Pay at CSUF

The following is provided to assist faculty and staff with the processing
of pay for additional employment for faculty at Cal State Fullerton.

Additional employment refers to any employment compensated by the CSU,
funded by general or non-general funds including CSU auxiliaries, that is
in addition to the primary or normal employment of a faculty unit employee.

In accordance with Article 36.5 of the CSU CFA Collective Bargaining Agreement a faculty unit employee shall be allowed an "overage" if one or more of the following applies: (a) consists of employment of a substantially different nature from his/her primary or normal employment; (b) is funded from non-general fund sources; or (c) is the result of the accrual of part-time employment on more than one campus.

Faculty additional pay is processed via the Faculty Special Consultant Pay Request Form.

Faculty Special Consultant Pay Requests may only be submitted for individuals with current active appointments (i.e., are receiving pay through CSUF) during the period for which additional pay is requested. For example, part-time faculty working the spring term are considered active if they submit an additional pay request for July because they are paid February through July for the spring appointment. If no active appointment exists, the individual should be hired as a Staff Special Consultant through Human Resources. Then, reimbursement of the resulting salary and benefit expense to the respective department general fund budget should be processed from the appropriate funding source. This does not affect academic year faculty who are paid over 12 months, even though considered “not in work status” during intersession and summer terms.

tuffy with question mark Pay Processing Steps
Minimum/Maximum Daily Rates
Additional Pay Maximum Percents for faculty
Calculating Additional Pay Percents
Timing of Pay Processing
Payment Methods and Taxes
Faculty Special Consultant Pay Request Form


Faculty Additional Pay Processing Steps

1. Requestor prepares the Faculty Special Consultant Pay Request Form, obtains faculty, department chair or appropriate administrator, funding source approver signature (if different from department chair or appropriate administrator), and Dean or AVP signature.

2. Requestor forwards completed form to the VPAA Office.

3. The VPAA Office reviews payment request in accordance with additional pay guidelines for full- and part-time faculty to confirm that the sum of appointments from all CSU sources (general, special, and auxiliary funds) does not exceed the additional pay limits permitted and falls within the special consultant minimum and maximum daily rates outlined in the CSU salary schedule.

4. If additional pay is funded by a Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation account, the requestor is required to obtain a P.O. # directly from the Philanthropic Foundation prior to forwarding the form to the VPAA Office for processing.

5. If additional pay is funded by an Auxiliary Services Corporation project, the VPAA Office faxes the Special Consultant form to the ASC to obtain the required P.O. #.

6. Once all information is received and reviewed, the VPAA Office approves the form and hand-delivers the original to Payroll. A copy of the signed form is returned to the requestor for their files. Any questions will be directed to the individual who prepared the form.

7. The Faculty Special Consultant Pay Request Form gives authorization that the pay is permitted to be processed. If the form is submitted after the work dates noted the form will serve as the certification of time worked. If the form is submitted prior to the completion of the work dates noted a time sheet will be prepared by the VPAA Office and forwarded for the faculty signature as certification of time worked.

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Minimum/Maximum Daily Rates For Faculty Special Consultant Pay
(class code 4660)

Effective 7/6/11 (Last changed 9/13/07):

Minimum daily rate: $91 Maximum daily rate: $1,214

There are several approaches to determining a daily rate:

  • Based on same rate as primary appointment: - For AY faculty (e.g. Annual salary / 1360 hours x 8 hours) $60,000 / 1360 = $44.12 hourly rate x 8 = $352.94
    - For 12 month faculty (e.g. 12 month salary / 2080 hours x 8 hours) $90,000 / 2080 = $43.27 hourly rate x 8 = $346.16
  • Based on an agreed to rate of pay per day for shorter-term assignments (e.g. $200 per day).
  • Convert a lump sum to a daily rate based on estimated % effort: For example, if paid $5,000 for a 20% effort in fall term multiply the total potential pay days during that term by the effort percent (86 days x .20 = 17.2 ~ 17 days at $294.12 per day).
  • Select a daily rate that is appropriate for the work being performed within the published minimum and maximum daily rate.

A daily rate different from the primary appointment is permitted if appropriate for the work performed and if allowed by the funding source (e.g. private corporation contract). - A faculty member paid 100% from federal grant funds may not work more than 100% time. - If additional pay is funded by a federal grant or contract, the rate of pay for the additional employment must be the same as the CSU base rate of pay for the primary assignment.

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Additional Pay Maximum Percents for Faculty

Academic Year Faculty: Fall & Spring Terms primary appointment = 100%; 25% additional pay possible Intersession & Summer = not in work status; 125% additional pay possible.

Note: Faculty on sabbatical are still considered 100% for the academic year; 25% additional pay possible.

12 Month Faculty: 100% appointment for 12 months; 25% additional pay possible Fall, Intersession, Spring and Summer terms.

Part-time Faculty: May not exceed 100% at one campus, but additional pay up to 125% is permitted if it is the result of the accrual of part-time employment on more than one campus.

FERP Faculty: As outlined in provisions 29.14 and 36.1 of the CSU CFA Collective Bargaining Agreement, FERP employment is limited to 90 days or 50% of the employee's regular time base in the year preceding retirement. As a result, FERP faculty are not eligible for other CSU appointments while in FERP.

Retired Annuitants: Effective January 1, 2013, a retiree must have a minimum separation of service of 180 calendar days prior to returning to any CalPERS-covered employment without reinstatement and cannot work in excess of 960 hours or 50% of the hours worked in the prior fiscal year of service prior to retirement; whichever is less.

Staff/MPPs: Current exempt staff may be paid for special consultant work via a Special Consultant (4660) Brass Ring requisition. An abbreviated position description (brief paragraph indicating work being completed) can be used instead of a formal position description. Additional employment for non-exempt staff working outside their primary department, must be submitted through Brass Ring as a Casual Worker (1800). This classification has an hourly rate which must be paid at time and a half if the member already works a 40 hour week. Additional employment for non-exempt staff working within their primary department must be compensated via overtime and may require an additional blended premium payment with reimbursement of the resulting salary and benefit expense to the respective department general fund budget to be processed from the appropriate funding source. Payroll should be contacted for non-exempt staff additional pay to determine if a blended premium (amount beyond time and one half) is due as this will determine the actual overtime hours to be submitted for the work completed.

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Calculating Additional Pay Percents

At Cal State Fullerton faculty additional pay is tracked on a per term basis (Fall, Intersession, Spring, and Summer) and is calculated as a percentage of workload, timebase, or combination of the two. Sample calculations appear below.

Split Position Calculator: Coming Soon - Contact Erinn Banks for more information.

Workload Basis: If compensated for 3 units (e.g. UEE Instruction)

Fall and Spring Terms - 3 / 15 units = 20%

Intersession - 1 unit per week is considered 100% for additional pay tracking purposes. Therefore,  

for a 3 week term
Units Work Load Percentage
1 Unit 33.34% load
2 Units 66.67% load
3 Units 100% load
for a 4 week term
Units Work Load Percentage
1 Unit 25% load
2 Units 50% load
3 Units 75% load
4 Units 100% load

Summer Session - as a condensed term, 12 units is considered a 100% load for additional pay tracking purposes; 125% = 15 units.

The maximum number of units that may be taught per week is 1.33. 

With this:         3/12 units = 25% load; 4/12 units = 33.33% load

Time Basis: This is calculated based on the number of potential work days for a given term (vary slightly per term per year) and is based on the Academic Calendar. 

Term Term Start and End Date Year Unit Days Time Base Max
Summer (SU) 5/29/2012 - 8/21/2012 2012 1 60 0.0167  
      2 60 0.0333  
      3 60 0.0500  
      4 60 0.0667  
      5 60 0.0833  
      6 60 0.1000  
      7 60 0.1167  
      8 60 0.1333  
      9 60 0.1500  
      10 60 0.1667  
      11 60 0.1833  
      12 60 0.2000  
      13 60 0.2167  
      14 60 0.2333  
      15 60 0.2500 Max
      16 60 0.2667  
Fall (F) 8/22/2012 - 1/1/2013 2012 1 87 0.0115  
      2 87 0.0230  
      3 87 0.0345  
      4 87 0.0460  
      5 87 0.0575  
      6 87 0.0690  
      7 87 0.0805  
      8 87 0.0920  
      9 87 0.1034  
      10 87 0.1149  
      11 87 0.1264  
      12 87 0.1379  
      13 87 0.1494  
      14 87 0.1609  
      15 87 0.1724  
      16 87 0.1839  
      17 87 0.1954  
      18 87 0.2069  
      19 87 0.2184  
      20 87 0.2299  
      21 87 0.2414 Max
      22 87 0.2529  
Intersession (I) 01/04/2013 - 01/25/2013 2013 1 15 0.0667  
      2 15 0.1333  
      3 15 0.2000 Max
      4 15 0.2667  

Fall 2013 - 8/17/2013 tentative start date

Note: Days overlapping cannot be included as we cannot exceed 25% overage

IMPORTANT: If CERF Funded activity can overlap with Fall or Spring.  However, if general fund funded activity there can be no overlap with Fall or Spring.

Combination of Workload and Time Basis:

Academic Year Faculty teaches 5 units in Summer (5/12 = 41.67%). If the maximum is 125% then 125% - 41.67% = 83.33 % capacity remaining.  With 56 potential pay days in the summer 56 x .8333 = 46.66 days.  Since pay can't be processed or reported for partial days, and the maximum cannot be exceeded, the number of days permitted beyond the 5 units of UEE instruction is 45 in this example. 

NOTE: Cannot pay for partial days; must round down if not an even number.  

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 Timing of Pay Processing

Payroll will process approved Faculty Special Consultant Pay Requests, for work dates that have passed, within 5 working days of receipt of the approved pay request form. Pay for future days will be processed within 5 working days of Payroll's receipt of the approved time sheet certifying that the work has been completed.

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 Payment Methods and Taxes

Payment Methods: If regular pay is direct deposit the additional pay will be direct deposit; if a check is received for regular pay the additional pay will be via check. The additional pay amount will be separate from the regular pay (will not be added to regular pay).

Taxes: If faculty are paid by CSUF during a given fiscal year the additional pay must also be processed through CSUF; if no other pay is processed by CSUF then pay may be processed through the Auxiliary Services Corporation. 

From time to time faculty comment on the taxes deducted from their additional pay. The ASC does not aggregate earnings so pay is taxed based on the actual amount of additional pay processed at a given time.  CSUF aggregates taxes per month (that is the system assumes that if a larger pay amount is received in a given month that pay level will occur for the balance of the tax year).  As a result the taxes are calculated at a new tax rate appropriate for that earnings level (e.g. in some instances this kicks people into a higher tax bracket). If desired, faculty can minimize the effect of this by changing their tax withholding with Payroll for the pay period for which additional pay is requested) if this is of concern.

The actual taxes paid are balanced with year-end taxes and there is no more taken each year in taxes overall whether paid through CSUF or the ASC.  The ASC method allows for more cash in pocket up front; the state method allows for more cash back with year-end taxes.

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 Faculty Special Consultant

The Faculty Special Consultant Pay Request Form can be found in the Payroll e-forms.  To access the form, log onto to the University Portal on the CSUF webpage, click on:

(1) Titan Online
(2) My WorkPlace
(3) eforms - Human Resources
(4) payroll
(5) Faculty Spec Consultant Request - Distributed

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