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Range Elevation

What is range elevation? 
Range Elevation is a process by which an eligible lecturer may request movement between the
lecturer salary ranges, e.g., movement from a Lecturer A classification to a Lecturer B classification.
Lecturers are eligible to apply for the range elevation process when:

1. They are no longer eligible for SSIs in their current range and,
2. They have been in the current range for five (5) or more years

Information about the Range Elevation Process at CSUF, Spring 2014

Worksheet for Determining Eligibility

Faculty seeking range elevation:
Please review the
Range Elevation Standards by Department  for criteria specific to their department.

Range Elevation Application Cover Sheet coming soon.

Additional information about range elevation from the Collective Bargaining Agreement 

Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty is explained in Article 12 of the Unit 3 CBA. The article sections on range elevation are reproduced below. 

Temporary Range Elevation (from Article 12 of the Unit 3 CBA) 

12.16 Procedures for range elevation on the salary schedules that have been previously established at each campus by the President, after recommendation by the appropriate Academic Senate Committee, shall continue in effect unless revised by the campus. Any such procedures that do not provide deadlines for the beginning of the review and the conclusion of the review shall be amended to include these deadlines. The range elevation salary increases shall be effective at the beginning of the first appointment in the academic year following the review. 

12.17 Those eligible for lecturer range elevation shall be limited to lecturers who have no more eligibility for salary increases pursuant to provision 12.10 in their current range, and have served five (5) years in their current range. 

12.18 At least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the annual campus range elevation process, the campus shall notify those lecturers at the SSI maximum who have five (5) years of service in their current range that they may be eligible for range elevation. In that notification the campus shall inform the lecturers that receipt of a previous FMI may affect their eligibility for range elevation. The parties agree that failure to notify an eligible lecturer shall not be cause for automatic granting of a range elevation. 

12.19 Criteria for range elevation for temporary faculty (excluding coaches) shall be appropriate to lecturer work assignments. 

12.20 Denial of range elevations shall be subject to the peer review process. Each campus shall establish a single Peer Review Panel to hear the appeals of any temporary faculty unit employee denied range elevation during that fiscal year. The Panel shall allow for appellants to make a presentation to the Panel and to be represented by CFA if so desired. The Peer Review Panel shall convene and review the case within thirty (30) days. The Panel shall render a decision within thirty (30) days of hearing the case. The decision of the Peer Review Panel shall be final and binding on the parties. The parties further agree that lecturers not notified may be eligible for range elevation pursuant to 12.17 and, if eligible, lecturers may apply for a range elevation. 

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