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California State University, Fullerton

Quality, Free and Open Source Software

Downloading software from unknown sources on the internet is dangerous business. Often times this software contains viruses or spyware in it or is poorly written and compromises your computer.

Campus IT Training has reviewed the following free applications. They are well written and virus and spyware free and can be downloaded and used safely at home or on your campus computer. Please remember – only install software on your campus computer that you actually need to fill a business or educational need.
Also remember if you install a piece of software you need to regularly check for updates and security patches.

Web Design, Graphics and Multimedia Software

  • GIMP - This is a raster (bitmap) image editing program similar to applications such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Inkscape - A vector graphics editing program similar to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.
  • ColorPic - Point and select any color and it will give you the numeric value in any way you want (RGB, RGB Hex, HSL, CYMK, etc). You can save color palletes as well.
  • Amaya - A visual web design editing and layout program. Sponsored by W3C
  • Kompozer - A visual web design editing and layout program.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 - Environment for .Net development
  • Notepad++ - Source code editor
  • Filezilla - Free and open source FTP client
  • Audacity - Application for recording and editing audio files
  • Wax – Application for editing video
  • Blender – Free Open-source tools for making animated movies
  • PosteRazor  - PosteRazor takes images from a variety of file types, rasterizes them to enlarge them without pixelation, and formats them for printing out in large formats, so that you can physically stitch them together as a poster
  • SketchPad – Web based Drawing application 

Office Suites and Desktop Publishing

  • Scribus - A desktop publishing application similar to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress.
  • Evernote - A great free web based notebook tool. Similar to Microsoft OneNote
  • Simple Booklet - A free booklet creator - web based tool
  • Kivio - an excellent diagramming/flowchart editor to help you boost your prototypes, wireframes, flowcharts, and diagrams. Part of the KOffice suite
  • Backpack – Web based collaborative project and team management
  • Dia – Simple diagraming and flowchart tool
  • Zoho – Massive suite of web based business applications

At Cal State Fullerton we use the Microsoft Office suite of business applications. These are available also for your use on your home computer or laptop through the Titan At Home Software Program. If you have friends or family that wish to use a free and Microsoft Office compatible suite of applications you can try:

  •  OpenOffice – An office suite of applications very similar to Microsoft Office. Includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation application and a simple database application.
  • KOffice – An office suite of applications very similar to Microsoft Office. The main suite contains a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation application. Secondary applications include a project management tool, diagraming, painting and drawing tools and a simple database application.
  • Gmail and Google Docs – Email, Calendar and Contact Manager and a simple word processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics application – all web based

Utilities and Tools

  • Greenshot - Screen capture Tool
  • Jing – Screen Capture Tool
  • CamStudio – Screen recording Tool
  • AdAware – Anti Spyware Tool
  • Screenr – Web based screen recording tool
  • Eraser – Utility to completely and permanently (forever) erase data from a drive
  • Windows Security Essentials – Virus and Spyware removal tool
  • Skype – Chat, Audio and Video calling and conferencing

Media Players and Readers

Web Browsers

Other Resources