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California State University, Fullerton

Desktop Application Training 

How It Works

Calendar of Classes/Registering

All Desktop Application Training Courses are open to all CSUF employees. Registration is handled through the Learner Web application. 

For assistance with registration for a class (classroom or online) please call x5647.

For information regarding the content of a class (what you will learn) please contact Timothy Benbow at

Please note: You need to register for the class 24hrs in advance.

Online Training Courses

Most of our basic and intermediate classes are now offered online. Please see the specific class you are interested in to find out if it is online or classroom based. You must register for online classes. These courses are live, you will see the instructors computer monitor and hear his voice. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. These courses work exactly like live classroom based trainings, except you are in a virtual classroom instead of a physical classroom.

Online classes are offered at:

When you enter the above online classroom, select "Guest" as your login option and enter you first and last name. Do Not Use the option for entering your username and password. This option is for instructors and administrators. Students will always enter using the "Guest" option.

Please attempt to log into the above system at least 24hrs before the start of your class. You will see information regarding the classes that are offered that day, not you class when you try and log in. When your class is ready and you log in, you will see material related to your class 15mins prior to the start of that class.

Classroom Based Training Courses

We offer a number of advanced classes live in a classroom with an instructor. Please see the specific class you are interested in to find out if it is online or classroom based.


For multi-part classes, you must attend all sessions including the first session. If you know ahead of time you will not be able to attend a particular class session, please speak to the instructor to make arrangements for make ups if possible.

Please note because of the sequential nature of the learning material in most of our courses, you MUST arrive 5mins prior to the start of a class to attend the class. This includes online classes. If something comes up and you cannot make the class start time, we will gladly enroll you in the next session of the class. 


All courses will have homework assignments with them. However you do not need to do this work at home, you can complete it at work with your approving supervisors permission. Homework is sometimes optional but always strongly recommended. In some circumstances homework will be mandatory and you will need to complete the homework prior to continuing with the class.

Learning Labs and Open Labs

Open Labs are times when you can come to a training lab and work on a specific project or problem that you may need assistance with. Our training labs have all of the software we provide support for and an instructor will be present in the room while you work to answer questions or provide assistance. These labs are generally used in four ways:

  • You have taken a regular training class and want additional time to work on the skills and how they relate to the work you do and would like an instructor present to help you if needed.
  • You are upgrading to a new version of an application (like Word 2003 to Word 2007) and would like some time to work with the new application before installing it on your workstation computer.
  • You have taken an online class and need some additional assistance.
  • You need a quiet place to focus on your homework from a class and receive assistance when needed. 

Open Labs are offered once per week. To attend an open lab, please contact Timothy Benbow at

Learning Labs are "one on one" tutoring sessions for learning skills we do not have a regular class for or asking questions about a specific project or topic.

You must register for a Learning Lab one week ahead of time. Times for learning labs are limited, so please register as soon as needed. To register for a learning lab please contact Timothy Benbow at 

Department Training

Does your department or division have a need for a custom class or for one of our standard classes to be offered to your employees? Campus Information Technology Training can offer your department whatever specialized or group training is needed.