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California State University, Fullerton


25Live enables event planners and academic schedulers to search dates and venues and schedule campus space and resources all in one program. 25Live also enables automatic posting of your scheduled events to e-calendars and displays throughout your campus.

Phase 1 implementation is the update of the campus calendar to 25Live. All campus web calendars will now be linked to 25Live and users with access to add events to campus calendars will be trained on how to add events to 25Live.

Phase 2 implementation is the ability of campus users to request campus rooms/locations/venues for their event using 25Live. Location owners will be trained on how to approve/reject event requests and training materials will be available for all campus users on how to request a location for your event.

Access to 25Live

For Phase 1, all campus faculty, staff, and students have access to log in to 25Live using the campus portal and view published campus calendar events.

Authorized staff and faculty will have the ability to add events to campus calendars.

To get access to add events to a campus calendar, email and specify which calendar(s) you need to be able to modify. Please note that your request is subject to approval and training may be required to get access.

Training Classes

25Live: Adding Events to Campus Calendars Training Class

**Please email to request a session**

Keep in mind that if you do not have access to add events to 25Live, you will need to be approved after the training to get the access.

An online training class will be provided at a later date.

If you missed the training session or would like to request access, please email

Course Materials

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Calendar Event Guides

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Adding Events to Campus Calendars


Room Reservation Guides

 OU Campus User Guides

These guides are for campus web administrators who want to add 25Live calendars to their campus website(s).