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Directory of Campus Resources

Career Center

Customized services for students and employers interested in full-time, part-time and/or internship opportunities in the education and nonprofit sectors.
Go to the Career Center and choose “Students,” then “Education & Nonprofit” from the left margins.
Contact: Elizabeth Munoz (657) 278-2032

Center for Internships and Community Engagement

The Center for Internships and Community Engagement works with faculty members to integrate community service activities into courses, thereby enhancing academic learning and encouraging civic responsibility. The Center works with community agencies to establish academic internship and service-learning partnerships where agency site supervisors serve as co-educators in students' learning process. And it collaborates with Faculty Internship Coordinators business, industry, government and the nonprofit sector to fulfill the academic/professional preparation needs of students.
Contact: Dawn Macy (657) 278-3746

Center for Community Collaboration

The Center for Community Collaboration (CCC) seeks to strengthen children, youth and families in collaboration with public agencies and community based organizations through the cooperative activities of the College of Health and Human Development.
Contact: Michelle Berelowitz (657) 278-5681

Center for Demographic Research

The Center for Demographic Research was established to ensure Orange County continues its presence in the development and support of demographic information. The CDR activities are located at Cal State Fullerton, ensuring data consistency through the maintenance of a centralized data source of Orange County demographic characteristics.

The mission of the center is to provide accurate and timely information regarding population, housing and employment characteristics in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Contact: Deborah Diep (657) 278-3009


Child, Family & Community Services Field-Work Office

MS Counseling, Human Services, and Child & Adolescent Studies majors complete one or more practicum/internships in one of the many participating agencies listed in the Fieldwork Office Directory. The Office hosts an Agency Internship Fair every November and April.
Contact: Juli Martinez (657) 278-4496


Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research

The Center presents the annual Gianneschi Summer School for Nonprofits every July; conducts original research documenting the nonprofit sector in Orange County and Southern California; maintains a database of Orange County nonprofits; and sponsors faculty mini-grants, student scholarships, and graduating baccalaureate fellowships.
Contact: Kathleen Costello (657) 278-5376

Nonprofit Professionals Chapter, CSUF Alumni Association

The Nonprofit Professionals chapter offers an annual $1,000 scholarship to a student who intends to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector. Members of the group also serve as mentors to students exploring nonprofit careers.
contact: (657) 278-5376


Social Science Research Center

The SSRC has strong local and statewide reputation for excellent applied research and evaluation in health care, education, criminal justice and community settings. The SSRC assists in all phases of social research including the development of survey and evaluation instrumentation, research design, data collection, statistical analysis, and technical report writing.
Contact: Laura Gil-Trejo (657) 278-7691


Student Leadership Institute

SLI is a noncredit certificate program dedicated to helping students become prominent and well-prepared leaders in their communities. “Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership” is one of six tracks that can be completed by attending series of workshops on campus.
Contact: (657) 278-4938


Volunteer & Service Center

Works with campus community to develop, promote, implement and coordinate student-initiated community service/volunteer, and social action activities. Also serves as a resource center working to connect individuals and groups with the broad range of organizations needing volunteers.
Contact: or (657) 278-7623


Institute of Gerontology

Research, training, professional development, degree, and courses in Gerontology.
>>Go to the Institute of Gerontology

Contact: Debra J. Rose (657) 278-4686



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