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 California State University, Fullerton

Incentive Grants to Encourage External Funding

Incentive grants provide the seed money necessary to assist faculty in submitting competitive external funding requests at the local, regional and/or national level. Recipients receive a maximum award of $10,000 inclusive of any assigned time requests, which must be included in the budget and approved by the college dean.

2012-13 Incentive Grants Recipients

Alain Bourget , Mathematics, $3,500 and assigned time
    Spectral Density of Random Matrices
Nathalie Carrick Carlson, Child and Adolescent Studies, $5,201 and assigned time
    See Spot Teach: Young Children’s Ability to Learn from Fictional Characters
Robert Castro, Politics, Administration and Justice, $10,000
    Emancipating Law, Liberating Lives: Making State Legislation to Protect Domestic Workers More Muscular
    and Accessible.
Kwangping Cheng, Physics, $9,981.00
    Detailed Study of the Newly Identified Extra-solar Planetary Systems
Joseph Costantine, Electrical Engineering, $10,000
    Reconfigurable Wearable Antennas
Amadeu Dasilva, Finance, $10,000
    Credit Booms and Asset Price Bubbles: Implications for Monetary Policy
Ermira Farka, Economics, $10,000
    Joblessness in America: Crisis, Globalization, Innovation and the Role of Monetary Policy
Scott Hewitt, Chemistry and Biochemistry, $10,000
    Oxidation of Hydrocarbons in the Atmosphere, Combustion Systems, and Archaeological Samples
Sean Hogan, Social Work, $10,000
    Foster Youth in Higher Education: The Role of Social Capital in Successfully Transitioning to Adulthood
    (Year Three)
Philip Janowicz, Chemistry and Biochemistry, $5,253 and assigned time
    Computerized Adaptive Organic Exams
Jeffrey Knott, Geological Science, $9,896
    Developing a method for the analysis of minor and trace elements in volcanic glass using the inductively coupled
    plasma-optical emission spectrometer
John Koegel, Music, assigned time
    Musical Theater in Mexican Los Angeles, 1910-1940
Zhuangjie Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry, $10,000.00
    Laboratory Investigation of the Gaseous Reaction of NO2(g) + H2O(g) + NH3(g): A New Source of HONO and
    NH4NO3(s) Aerosols
Archana McEligot, Health Science, assigned time
    Enhancing laboratory facilities: Metabolic Syndrome, modifiable risk factors and health disparities
Dana Rutledge, Nursing, $5,201 and assigned time
    Effects of a Comprehensive Balance & Mobility Programs on Persons with FM at High Risk of Falling
Hye-Kyeung Seung, Human Communication Studies, $5,245 and assigned time
    A Cross-Cultural Validation Study: Using the First Year Inventory in Korean Children
Terri Snyder, American Studies, $5,253 and assigned time
    Marriage in Early America
Binod Tiwari, Civil and Environmental Engineering, $9,988
    Use of Recycled Materials in Civil Engineering Application
Natalie Tran, Secondary Education, $9,712
    Mindful Practice and Teacher Wellness