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 California State University, Fullerton

Incentive Grants to Encourage External Funding

     Incentive grants provide seed money (up to $10,000, inclusive of any assigned time requests, and subject to college approval)
to assist faculty in the pursuit of competitive external grants or funding.

2014-15 Incentive Grants Recipients:

Jason Baker , Child and Adolescent Studies
     NICHD R15 Proposal for Autism Research in Electrodermal Activity
Catherine Brennan , Biological Science
     Studying Psidin to Discern Links Between Phagosome Function and N-terminal Acetylation
Jennifer Burnaford , Biological Science
     Understanding The Effects of Environmental Stress on Intertidal Seaweed-Herbivore Interactions
Ermira Farka , Economics
     Export Nation -- Jump-Starting the Post-Crisis Economy Through Exports: A Southern California Focus
Adrian Fleissig , Economics
     The Impact of Farm Subsidies on Food Purchases by Low-Income Households in California
Andrew Galpin , Kinesiology
     Development of a Method to Measure Human Skeletal Muscle Fiber-Type Specific Nuclear Content
Mikhail Gofman , Computer Science
     Statistical Fusion for Robust Mobile Biometric Authentication
Hope Johnson , Biological Science
     Developing Genetic Tools to Understand Bacterial Manganese Oxidation
Maria Koleilat , Health Science
     Identifying Enablers and Barriers to Physical Activity Among Pregnant Participants of the Special Supplemental
     Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).
Sean Loyd , Geological Sciences
     Constraining Carbon Sources of Salt Dome Cap Rocks
Alexandra Orchard , Chemistry and Biochemistry 
     Design and Synthesis of Potential Drugs for Treatment of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Tyler Parry , African American Studies
     Domestic Relations, Morality, and Matrimonial Law Among Slaves in the British Caribbean
Terri Patchen , Elementary and Bilingual Education
     Achieving Beyond Expectations: Cultivating the Capacity of High-Achieving Adolescent English Learners
Jennifer Piazza , Health Science
     Stressor Reactivity, Sleep and Cognitive Impairment: Comparing Associations Between People With and Without
Nina Robson , Mechanical Engineering
     Incentive Grant to Pursue Activities in Developing Novel Methods for the Mechanical Design of Robotic Devices for
     Physical Rehabilitation of Patients with Neurological Disorders
Paul Stapp , Biological Science
     The Role of Mammalian Herbivores in Mediating Shrub Encroachment in Semi-Arid Shortgrass Steppe
Ionel Tifrea , Physics
     Clean Energy From Efficient Thermoelectric Semiconductor Nanostructures
Robert Voeks , Geography
     Traditional African Medicinal Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Mozambique: The Biogeography and Ethnobotany of African
     Potato (Hypoxis hemerocallidea)
Ryan Walter , Biological Science
     Stress Adaptation to Climate Change in Native and Non-Native Oysters
Danielle Zacherl , Biological Science
     Population Demographics and Genetic Structure of Threaded Abalone in Southern California