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California State University, Fullerton


Preregistration is now closed.

April 26th is Take A Child to Work Day at Cal State Fullerton! CSUF Kinesiology Building

Here's what you need to know:

  • This day is all about the importance of going to college and learning what parents, relatives and/or friends do at Cal State Fullerton.
  • Any 8 - 18 year old student is welcome to participate.  This does not have to be your son or daughter, you are welcome to invite any student who would benefit from learning about the importance of college however you must receive approval from the parent/legal guardian if you want to bring someone other than your child. 
  • Faculty and Staff may bring up to three students to participate in the day. 
  • Individual Excused absence forms are required for each student, but all students can be registered at the same time.

Before you register, you must:

  1. Get approval from your supervisor to bring your child to work with you and participate in the day's activities.
  2. Complete the Excused Absence Form and submit it to the child's school.
  3. Complete the Registration form by clicking Register at the top of the page.
  4. Be aware of the following requirements:
    1. You are responsible for excusing your child from all school obligations.
    2. Your child is a guest on campus and  may not be left unattended at any point throughout the day.
    3. Children are not permitted to ride in University Vehicles.
    4. If you work in an area with potential hazards (labs, skilled trade workshops, art studies, etc.) you must ensure your child is provided with all appropriate protective equipment.

Click here to download the Excused Absence Request form.

Click here to view the agenda.

For more information or additional questions, please contact Aaron Thomas at