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In the last issue of Titan Tech Talk, we told you what a Phishing email is, and how to spot one.  In this issue we will explain what to do if a Phishing email makes it to your inbox.

If you should receive a suspected email do NOT:

  • Click on any links in the email.
  • Supply personal information of any kind as a result of the email.
  • Reply to the email or contact the sender using a phone number supplied in the email.
  • Open any attachments that arrive with the email until you verify the sender of the email.

Make a few phone calls before you click any links or fill out any forms but don't use the phone number in the email. Get a real person on the phone to help you verify the legitimacy of the email you received.

If you submitted information as a result of a Phishing scam, you need to contact the targeted institution for advice immediately. You need to act quickly to protect the account that has been compromised in the Phishing attack. 

Additionally, if you believe you’ve been scammed, file your complaint at, and then visit the FTC’s Identity Theft website at

For more up-to-date security information visit the Security Blog: