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 California State University, Fullerton


Information Technology is Pleased to Welcome 5 College of Communications Technology Staff


Claudia Acosta is working on the technology and instructional design necessary for the Flip Classroom in her new role.  She is excited to be working on this pilot proogram. Claudia is also excited to be using Claudia Acostathe skills and knowledge she acquired in the Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Technology she earned at Cal State Fullerton in 2012.  She has worked for the university for over 13 years.  In her spare time, Claudia hikes and does yoga.  She is currently working as a film editor on a major feature film.






Mike Bedford, a Mac computer expert, is working on Mac labs and lab images for the College of Communications in his new role. Mike is happy to be meeting and working with new people and expanding Mike Bedfordhis skill set. He has a Master’s Degree in Communications from Steven F. Austin State University. Mike has worked at Cal State Fullerton for 15 years. He enjoys doing genealogical research and playing the guitar. Mike also publishes an online digital imaging magazine, “plugs and pixels”.





Jason Lorge is working as a liaison and running the daily operations of the College of Communications technology in his new role. He is excited about the opportunity to collaborate New It employee Jason Lorgewith Central IT staff, which has enabled improved response time and a higher level of service.  Jason has an MBA with a concentration in Finance from Cal State Fullerton.   He has worked on campus for 14 years.  Jason enjoys spending time with his family, taking his kids to their activities and playing adult league soccer.





  Matthew Roberts is a studio lab equipment technician helping students check out equipment, assisting with software issues and repairing equipment in his new role. Matthew is happy to haveMatthew Roberts greater access to centralized resources and Central IT tech support for specialized problems and networking issues.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio-Television-Film from Cal State Fullerton. He has worked at Cal State Fullerton for six years.  Matthew enjoys photography, drawing and digital art and animation, as well as watching horror films.





 Eraj Shadaram is working on academic video production, IT video production and live streaming events in his new role.  Eraj is excited to be offering his television and video production expertise anNew IT employee Eraj Shadaramd creating more media to support the university strategic goals. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio-Television-Film and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Video, Film Making and Photography from the University of Oklahoma.  Eraj has worked at Cal State Fullerton for 13 years.  In his spare time he enjoys photography, fine arts, making documentaries and cooking.