California State University, Fullerton

Cal Vet Fee Waiver Program

This program is offered through California Veterans Services Offices, located in counties throughout California. Information on this program (eligibility information, application form, instructions on how to apply, locations of County Veterans Services Offices) can be found at:

Program application and approval

 Apply through a County Veterans Service Office each year that you plan to use the program.

Letter of Eligibility

Issued by a County Veterans Certification Office if student is approved to use the Cal Vet Fee Waiver program. The letter is good for one academic year. At Cal State Fullerton, the academic year for this program is defined in the following way:

Begins with:
  Summer Session
  Fall Semester
  Spring Semester

At the end of a Spring Semester, a student must obtain a new eligibility letter if planning to use the fee waiver during the following year. Please note that we are not currently able to accept the Cal Vet Fee Waiver for the Summer or Intersession terms.

Providing Letter of Eligibility to Cal State Fullerton

Program eligibility letter must be submitted to the Cal State Fullerton Veterans Services Office

What Fees are Waived?

The fee waived is the State University Fee only.* The student is still responsible for paying the campus-based fees that are listed in the Class Schedule. Please contact the Veterans Certification Office for further information.

* This rule applies to students starting on the Cal Vet Fee Waiver program after January 1, 2000. For rules governing students who started the program prior to January 1, 2000, please contact the Veterans Certification office.