California State University, Fullerton

Policy for Veterans Called to Compulsory Military Service

Admitted Applicants

For veterans who are newly admitted to CSUF and are called to compulsory military duty prior to the first day of classes in their first term, please contact the office of the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services at (657) 278-2350 to discuss the situation.

Continuing Students

Notification to CSUF

Continuing students called to compulsory military service during a semester in progress should contact CSUF Veterans Certification when they are first notified of their call to active duty. Several things will be discussed with the veteran at that time, including:

  • Copy of Military Orders
  • Withdrawal from Classes (or Incomplete Option) / Refund of Fees
  • Refund for Books
  • Financial Aid
  • CSUF Notification to VA (with regard to current term enrollment/benefit payments)
  • Leave of AbsenceReturning from Active Duty

Copy of Military Orders

The student must provide a copy of the military orders to the CSUF Veterans Certification office. The orders are required documentation to allow for:

  • Withdrawal from classes with a full refund of fees for the term in progress.
  • Prevention of the repayment requirement of VA educational benefit monthly checks already received by the veteran for the semester in progress.
  • Implementation of a Leave of Absence from Cal State Fullerton, if the length of service exceeds the Stop-Out Policy

Withdrawal from Classes (or Incomplete option) / Refund of Fees

Before Classes Begin
If a veteran drops him/herself from classes online prior to the first day of classes due to receiving active duty orders after having registered for the term, program changes made before school begins will generate a full refund, except for the $11.00 stated in the schedule of classes as non-refundable. To have a refund of the additional $11.00, the student must contact CSUF Veterans Certification with a copy of the military orders so that an adjustment can be made in the system to refund this additional amount.

During the First Two Weeks of Classes
If a veteran drops him/herself from classes online during the first two weeks of classes, program changes will generate a pro-rated refund.In order to insure that a full refund of fees is generated, it is important that the veteran contact CSUF Veterans Certification and provide a copy of the military orders, so that an adjustment can be made in the system to allow for a full refund of fees.

During Late Withdrawal Period
If the veteran must withdraw at a point in the semester when Late Withdraw forms are in use, the veteran will be asked to contact each instructor to obtain the appropriate signatures on these forms. If the circumstances of the veteran are such that this is not feasible, once the military orders are received, the veteran needs to work with the Registration Office for assistance with the process.

Incomplete Option
Students have the option of arranging with their professors to complete coursework using an Incomplete Contract. These contracts must be negotiated with faculty in accordance with the instructions contained in the University Catalog. Classes in which an Incomplete is arranged are not eligible for a refund of fees. Students have one calendar year to complete the course before the 'I' converts automatically to an 'IC'. An 'IC' has the same impact on the GPA as an 'F'.

Refund for Books
The Titan Shops Bookstore will consider on a case-by-case basis a possible refund for textbooks to veterans who must withdraw from all classes during a semester because of the call to compulsory military service. The veteran would need to return the textbooks purchased in that semester before leaving for the active duty assignment. Also bring the following items: any purchase receipts from that semester, a withdrawal slip for the current semester, and a copy of the military orders showing the call to active duty. The bookstore will take into consideration the point in the semester when the refund request is made, as well as the condition of the books, to determine whether a full refund can be given. Textbook refund requests must be made in advance of deployment and cannot be considered retroactively (after the veteran returns from the active duty assignment).

Financial Aid
Students called to active duty during a semester in which you are enrolled are advised to contact the CSUF Office of Financial Aid at (657) 278-3125 to discuss your situation.

CSUF Notification to VA
CSUF Veterans Certification will contact the VA to notify them of the changed enrollment status in the semester due to the call to active military duty. A copy of the military orders will be mailed to the VA as documentation for the withdrawal from classes. When this is the documented reason for a complete withdrawal, there is no repayment requirement of monthly benefits paid by the VA up to the date of the withdrawal from classes.

Leave of Absence
When the estimated length of active military service exceeds one semester, the veteran completes a Leave of Absence form with the military orders as the required documentation. Accommodation is made for a leave sufficient in length to cover the period of active duty and maintain continuing student status at CSUF.

Returning from Active Duty
When the active duty assignment is completed, students should contact the CSUF Veterans Certification office within 6 months of discharge to discuss plans to resume attending CSUF.

For further information about this policy, please contact CSUF Veterans Certification at (657) 278-2373.