California State University, Fullerton

International Education Committee


The functions of the International Committee shall be:
a. To collaborate with the University community in encouraging internationalization of the curriculum, the initiation, development and accomplishment of cultural and academic international activities including exchanges, joint research, and other related projects;
b. To recommend to Academic Senate criteria, guidelines, and policies and to serve as an advisory body related to the international aspects of education at the University, including the following:
  1) Foreign visa students matriculated at the University;
  2) Linkage agreements with foreign institutions;
  3) Students studying overseas under the auspices of the CSU International Programs, institutional linkage agreements, or independent study abroad;
  4) Faculty development through participation in international activities;
  5) The organization and administration of international education at the University;
  6) Joint degree programs and other cooperative instructional activities with institutions abroad;
  7) Other international initiatives, such as the establishment of international institutes, grants, contracts, etc.; and
  8) Travel-Study courses.
c. To engage in other related activities as the Academic Senate may direct.

International Education Committee Membership Roster

Committee Member Department
Brady Rhodes, Chair Geological Science
Gayle Brunelle History
Coral Ohl Communications
Pradeep Nair Computer Engineering
Fred Kinney Theatre and Dance
John Hickok Library
Yue Liu Finance
Matthew Llewellyn Kinesiology and Health Science
Suzanne Robinson Education
Saul Tobias Liberal Studies
Kathryn Morrissey Study Abroad Advisor
Nancy Dority Enrollment Services
Lay Tuan Tan International Education and Exchance
Juan Ishikawa Modern Language and Literature
Mikyong Kim-Goh International Program
Harry Norman Extended Education
Lynda Randall Secondary Education


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