AAPIFSA (Asian American Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association) was founded in 1993 by Dr. Ellen Junn.  Since that time, AAPIFSA members helped to build and shape the API community on campus.  It has supported API students both through scholarships and financial support for various API activities, including the annual API Graduation Recognition Ceremony.  AAPIFSA recognizes and takes pride in the growing numbers of Asian and Pacific islanders who work at Cal State Fullerton and strives to mentor new API faculty and staff and to maintain a supportive API community.  

Would you like to help? Come join us. Whether you volunteer or participate in an event, become an active member, or donate, it makes a difference. We operate solely on donations. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our Support AAPIFSA page.


The mission of AAPIFSA is to bring together members of the CSUF faculty and staff in order to promote an inclusive and equitable campus climate for all groups:

  • to provide support in the hiring, retention, and promotion of AAPI students, faculty, staff, and administrators
  • to network among the members of the organization
  • to empower individuals in the organization to become more actively involved

To learn more about our mission, visit the About us page.

Goals & Objectives

  • Help AAPI students achieve educational excellence and to respond proactively to the needs of the Asian and Asian-related student body.
  • Help raise money for the Book Scholarship Fund
  • Promote a campus climate that is sensitive, representative and fair to all ethnic groups
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the commonalities in the Asian cultures amidst their diversity and to build a strong social network and effective linkages with the University administration

Upcoming Events

APIDA Recognition Celebration
Join family and friends celebrate the accomplishments of our APIDA graduates.
May 21, 2022 (4pm) | Titan Gym | Registration RequiredOpens in new window

Look Who's in the Spotlight...

A Conversation with California State University APIDA PresidentsOpens in new window by Alisia Ruble

Long Beach Post highlights the work and innovation of our fellow board member, Nicole Yang:
Lunar New Year Tiger display packs a punch at Edison TheatreOpens in new window

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