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 California State University, Fullerton

Safe Zone Sticker Program

SAFE ZONE Training Coming Soon

The AB 540 Task Force continuously brings awareness to the campus community about AB 540, AB 130, and AB 131. This becomes essential in order to meet the needs of all students. The "Safe Zone Sticker Program" provides training, promotes a safe place, and welcomes people who are unfamiliar with these laws to learn more about them.

AB 540 101 Training: This training focuses on the California State Legislation where participants learn about students who are AB 540. In addition, participants learn about the implementation of AB 540 at the university level, AB 540 Affidavit Process, CSUF application process, and national laws similar to AB 540.

AB 540 Ally Training:  This training focuses on providing tools necessary for faculty/staff and administrators to provide guidance to students who are AB 540.  Participants learn about campus resources, hear AB 540 student testimonials, discuss case scenarios, and receive a Resource Guide and a sticker (at a later day). The sticker can be displayed at the participant's work office/location on campus. Students facing limited resources can identify with the sticker and immediately seek help from an ally.