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 California State University, Fullerton

Educator Resources

Not Just a Latino Issue: Undocumented Students: A report that dispels the myth that undocumented students in higher education are primarily Latino. The report provides insight on the groups identified as undocumented.

Support College Bound Students: A guide for counselors and educators on ways to support and advocate for undocumented students as they progress onto higher education.

Top Ten Ways to Support Undocumented Students: An at-a-glance guide for educators who work with undocumented youth.

Case for Undocumented Students in Higher Education: A report that highlights the educational journeys and achievements of undocumented students and how investment in their higher education contributes to the stability of the US.

College Bound Students Overview: A fact sheet that provides a brief overview of college-bound undocumented students.

Opening the Door to the American Dream: The 2007 report by the Institute for Higher Education Policy describes the demographics, characteristics, and barriers encountered by immigrants seeking a postsecondary education.

Repository Resources for Undocumented Students: A guide that offers legislation information by different states, and funding sources, i.e. state colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations.