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 California State University, Fullerton

Student Resources

CSU Fullerton Resource Guide: An informational guide created by The Alliance of Students for an Equal Education (ASEE) to assist California State University, Fullerton, undocumented and AB 540 students.

CSU Long Beach Resource Guide: A resource guide designed to address the most common questions raised by unprotected immigrant students.

USC Resource Guide: A guide that provides information based on data and research. It is a collaborate effort between the Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis (CHEPA) at the University of Southern California (USC), the Salvadoran American Leadership and Educational Fund (SALEF), and Maria Lucia Chavez.

Life After College: A guide to provide assistance and guidance to undocumented students on navigating life after receiving an education. It is a guide created by The Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC), with interviews conducted with undocumented students.

DREAM Application: An application used to determine eligibility for California student financial aid for AB 540 students. The Dream Act does not currently allow AB 540 students to apply for federal financial aid. Please use any of the above resource guides to assist in completing this application.

DREAM ACT Tool Kit: A resource that provides detailed information on the DREAM Act. It includes frequently asked questions, ways to get involved, and critical information needed to navigate through the politics of undocumented advocacy.

Graduates Reaching A Dream Deferred: An organization founded by undocumented graduate students to provide information and resources to assist undocumented graduate students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Getting an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number: An informational guide to understanding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and how to obtain an ITIN, the nine-digit tax processing number issued by the IRS.

Financial Aid Guide for College-Bound Undocumented Students: A comprehensive guide to assist undocumented students with information on methods to finance their education.