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 California State University, Fullerton

CSUF Scholarships

California State University, Fullerton, has scholarships commonly administered through the Office of Financial Aid. By visiting the Office of Financial Aid website, students can browse available scholarships by various categories, such as department major, school level, academic field, and experience. To view a complete list of scholarship offered at CSUF, please click HERE.

Below is a list of additional resources where students can seek scholarships offered at CSUF.

Associated Students, CSUF Incorporated (ASI): The scholarships awarded by Associated Students, Inc., are not restricted to any particular major or field of study. Since ASI is a non-profit, service organization, emphasis is placed on campus and community involvement. To view a list of their scholarships, please click HERE.

AB 540 Book Scholarship: The book scholarship is offered to AB 540 students in the amount of $500 to purchase books from the Titan Bookstore for the semester. Interested students can view application requirements and details by clicking HERE. Applications are available in University Hall 134 (UH-134).

The Future Scholars Program: The program is designed to help finance the first year of studies of first-time students and first-time transfer students at CSUF. The Program awards up to fifty $1,000 scholarships. The scholarship program is designed to facilitate the transition to college for meritorious students who are disadvantaged due to their economic, environment, or educational background. For more details on scholarship requirements and the application process, please click HERE.

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