Office of Academic Programs

McCarthy Hall (MH) 133
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92834-9480
Phone: (657) 278-3602

Academic Programs Administration

Dr. Mark Filowitz
Associate Vice President for Academic Programs
Phone: (657) 278-2945
Location: MH-129

Dr. Elizabeth Boretz
Assistant Vice President for Student Success/Director, Academic Advisement Center
Phone: (657) 278-7383
Location: UH-125A

Dr. Minerva Chavez
Interim Director, Office of First Year Experience
Phone: (657) 278-4184
Location: LH-126

Dr. Joe Albert Garcia
Interim Director, Office of Graduate Studies
Phone: (657) 278-2150
Location: MH-112

Dr. Brent Foster
Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and General Education
Phone: (657) 278-8512
Location: MH-129

Dr. Michele Mouttapa
Director, Health Professions Advising Office
Phone: (657) 278-3980
Location: UH-223A

Dr. Sandra Pérez
Director, University Honors Program
Phone: (657) 278-7443
Location: PLN-120D

Dr. Leslie Bruce
Faculty Fellow, Writing Across the Curriculum
Phone: (657)278-3155
Location: UH-435

Academic Programs Office Staff

Christina Cardenas
Communications and Marketing Specialist, Academic Programs
Phone: (657) 278-3310
Location: MH-129

Beatrice (Bunny) Casas
Administrative Analyst, Academic Programs
Phone: (657) 278-4882
Location: MH 129

Dena Coelho Macedonio
Lead Budget Specialist, Office of the Provost/VPAA Operations
Phone: (657) 278-5227
Locations: MH 129

Emma Hernandez
Administrative Assistant, Academic Programs
Phone: (657) 278-3602
Location: MH-129

Gail Matsunaga
Editor, University Catalog
Phone: (657) 278-4095
Location: MH-129

Rosy Nguyen
Scheduling Lead, Scheduling Office
Phone: (657) 278-2381
Location: MH-129