2018-2019 Retired Courses

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Course Name Course Title GE Designation
AFAM 196 Tutorial  
AFAM 317 Black Politics D.5*
AFAM 346 The African Experience D.5*
AFAM 381 African Literature C.3*
AFAM 458A West Africa and Diaspora  
AFAM 458B Souther Africa in 20c  
AFAM 458C African History Since 1935  
ANTH 328 Peoples of Africa D.5*
ANTH 345 Peoples of the Middle East and North Africa  D.5*
ARAB 201 Arabic for Arabic Speakers A  
ARAB 202 Arabic for Aranic Speakers B  
ART 301 Ancient Art  
ART 330 Creative Papermaking   
ART 485F Papermaking  
BIOL 304 Supervised Biology Laboratory Instruction  
BIOL 311  Nutrition and Disease E
BIOL 322 Behavioral Ecology  B.5
BIOL 409 Evolution for Teachers  
BIOL 463 Stem Cell Biology  
BIOL 463L Stem Cell Biology Lab  
BIOL 518 Biotechnology Skills Lab 1  
BIOL 537 CTPM: Setting Up Clinical Trials  
BIOL 538 CTPM: Managing Clinical Trials  
BIOL 539 CTPM: Pre-market Submission  
BIOL 570 Molec Biol & Pharm/Toxicol  
BIOL 571 Surv Math Modlg & Bioinformtcs  
BIOL 576 Regulatory Aff Biotech Indust  
CHEM 315W Quantitative Chem Wkshp    
CHEM 410C Computational Chemistry    
CHIC 108 Ling + Minority Dialects  
CHIC 196 Tutorial  
CHIN 100 Intro to Chinese Convers  
CHIN 301 Advanced Writing in Chinese  
CHIN 407 Chinese Film  
CHIN 466 Intro to Chinese Linguistics  
COMD 496 Tutorial  
COMM 433 Working in Magazine Industry  
COUN 449 Seminar on Child Abuse  
CPLT 375 Literature in Age of Film  
CPLT 389 Liter About War in Vietnam  
CPLT 571T Seminar: Major Writers  
CPLT 572T Seminar: Literary Genres  
CPLT 573T Sem: Cultural Periods  
CPLT 574T Sem: Special Problems Lit  
CPLT 575T Sem: Topics in Teaching  
CPLT 579T Sem Problems In Criticism  
CRJU 310B Crim Law-Procedural  
CRJU 350 Writing for Criminal Justice  
CRJU 450 Orgnzd Crime+Intell Anlys  
CTVA 381 Censorship  
CTVA 562 Media Literacy/Ethics: The Biz  
DANC 213 Classical Pointe  
DANC 332 Jazz III  
ECON 461 Ecological Economics  
EDD 623 Politics of School Reform  
EDD 696 Dir Study Educational Research  
EDSC 442 Teaching in Secondary School  
EDSC 502D New Teacher Induction Yr2  
EDSC 580 Online Course Development  
EGGN 314 Engineering Economy  
EGME 214 Shop Practice & Safety  
EGME 314 Engineering Economy  
EGME 350 Living & Working in Space  
EGME 447 Piping Selection + Netwrk  
EGME 457L Intelligent Systems Lab  
EGME 486 Electronics Packaging  
EGME 487 Therm Control Elect Pack  
EGME 554 App Optimal Mech Design    
ENGL 389 Liter About War in Vietnam  
ENGL 401 Reflective Writing Teacher  
ENGL 99M Developmental Writing  
EUST 399 Directed Study  
EUST 490 Senior Colloquium  
FREN 475 Sem in 20c French Lit  
GEOL 105 CA Field Geology  
GEOL 140 Atmosphere and Oceans B.1
GEOL 305 Earthquake Impact Struct B.5
GEOL 481B Geology Field Camp II  
GEOL 481C Hydro - Engineering Field  
GERO 525 Aging and Technology Design  
GERO 527 Working w/ Aging Families  
GRMN 213 Intermediate Reading - A C.2
GRMN 430 Gmn Lit & Cult to Baroque  
GRMN 450 19th C Gmn Lit & Culture  
GRMN 460 20th C Gmn Lit & Culture  
GRMN 466 Intro to Gmn Linguistics  
GRMN 482 Lit & Culture in Film  
GRMN 485T Senior Sem in German Lit  
HCOM 236 Essentials of Debate  
HCOM 430 Classical Rhetoric  
HESC 102 Prevention+First Aid  
HESC 303 Prof Rescue First Aid CPR  
HESC 356 Health Educ Sec Teachers  
HESC 357 Health Educ Elem Teachers  
HESC 430 Health Psychophysiology I  
HESC 431 Health Psychophysiology II  
HESC 545 Inst Methods for Hlth Ed  
HESC 558 Adv Study School Hlth Ed  
HIST 411A Ethnic Empire: Eurasia  
HIST 430B Zola's Paris  
HIST 437C Gender in Russia & USSR  
HIST 465A History Of India  
HIST 465B History Of India  
HUSR 196 Tutorial  
INST 102 Cnsrtium Ind Stdy Ovrseas  
ISDS 476 Web Mining and Text Mining  
ITAL 203 Intermediate Italian - A C.2
KNES 111 Beginning Water Polo  
KNES 190 Team Management  
KNES 405 Worksite Prev & Rehab  
LBST 487 Sr Sem Evolution/Creation  
LBST 501 Proseminar in Liberal Studies  
LBST 502T Topics in Liberal Studies  
LBST 503 Seminar in Arts and Humanities  
LBST 504 Seminar in Natural Sciences  
LBST 505 Seminar in Social Science  
LING 108 Ling + Minority Dialects  
LING 301 Sanskrit  
MATH 368 1st Course Symbolic Logic B.5
MATH 491 Research Seminar  
MATH 504A Simulation Modeling/Analysis  
MATH 504B Appl Of Simul/Model Tech  
MATH 571 Surv Math Modlg & Bioinformtcs  
MGMT 421 Operatns & Systems Design  
MUS 183 Voice Class Non-Music Maj  
MUS 184A Piano Class Non-Music Maj  
MUS 185A Guitar Class Non-Mus Mjrs  
MUS 185B Guitar Class Non-Mus Mjrs  
MUS 196 Tutorial  
MUS 314A Spec Prj Commercial Music  
MUS 314B Spec Prj Commercial Music  
MUS 365S String Workshop  
MUS 385G Guitar Fingerboard Skills  
MUS 406T Jazz Ensemble III  
MUS 496 Tutorial  
MUSE 501 Contemp Music Education  
MUSE 529 Advanced Pedagogy Mus Ed  
MUSE 531 Foundations Of Music Ed  
MUSE 533 Psychology Of Music  
PERS 201 Persian for Pers Speakers-A  
PERS 202 Persian for Persian Spkrs-B  
PERS 203 Intermediate Persian-A C.2
PERS 300 Persian Conversation  
PERS 305 Advanced Persian-A  
PERS 306 Advanced Persian-B  
PHIL 352 Phil Of Asian Martial Art  
PHIL 354T Topics in Buddhism  
PHIL 381 Analytic Trad 1950-Presnt  
PHIL 400 Ethical & Prof Issues  
PHIL 405 Adv Tpc Applied Legal Reasng  
PHIL 416 Advanced Research Ethics  
PHIL 496 Tutorial  
POSC 201 Methods & Skills in POSC  
POSC 317 Black Politics D.5*
POSC 376 Legal Tools for Research  
POSC 431T Govt/Politics of Selected Area  
POSC 457 Pol Internatl Economics  
POSC 494 Honors Tutorial Politics  
POSC 529 Public Mgt Analysis  
POSC 590T Select Topics Political Science  
SCED 552 Review of Research in Science  
SCED 597 Project  
SCED 599 Indep Graduate Research  
SOCI 459 Marital Dissolution  
SOCI 508 Social Ethics in Aging  
SPAN 300 Adv Conver & Formal Speech  
SPAN 390 Span Cult Through Cinema C.3
SPAN 415 Cont Spanish Culture  
SPAN 416 Cont Span-Am Culture  
SPED 584 Transitn, Vocatn & Career  
THED 442 Tch Theatre Secondary School  
THED 449E Externship Secondry Teach  
THED 449S Seminar Secondry Teaching  
THTR 449 Capstone - Ent & Tourism Comm  
THTR 479 CAD for Theatre Design  
THTR 496 Tutorial  
VIET 450 Vietnamese Cult. & Society  
VIET 466 Intro to Vietnamese Ling