Retired Courses Effective Fall 2023

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Retired Courses
Course Name Course Description GE Designation
ACCT 518 Sem-International Account  
AFAM 306 Indigenous Women D.3,Z
AFAM 337 Indiginous Religions & Phil C.3,Z
AFAM 430 Psych Study Eth Min Behav  
AGNG 433 Aging and Social Services  
AGNG 508 Social Ethics in Aging  
AGNG 545 NonProfit & Societal Marketing  
AMST 407 American Humor  
AMST 459 Technology & American Culture  
AMST 468 1960's America  
AMST 476 Cultures of Early America  
ANTH 382 Archaeology of the Southwest  
ANTH 418 GIS and Archaeology  
ANTH 442 Medical Anthropology  
ANTH 457 Advanced Primate Behavior  
ASAM 309 Vietnamese American Women  
ASAM 322 Asian Amer & Religion C.3,Z
ASAM 331 Vietnam. Am. Community Health  
ASAM 340 ASAM Communication D.3,Z
ASAM 370 Chinese American Experiences D.3,Z
ASAM 389 Liter About War in Vietnam  
ASAM 390 Vietnam. Am. Cultural Studies  
ASAM 395 Asian Pac. Amer. Transnation.  
ASAM 485 Service-Learning VietCommunity  
CHIN 300 Chinese Health & Human Service  
COMM 409 Adv Visual Reporting  
COMM 507 Comm Research Design  
CRJU 472 Judicial Politics  
CRJU 477 Mock Trial: Legal Practicum II  
EDAD 563 Human Res Administration  
EDAD 565 School Finance  
EDEL 492 Equity Access & Opportunity  
EDEL 502B New Teacher Induction Yr1  
EDEL 502C New Teacher Induction Yr2  
EDEL 514 Technology across Curriculum  
EDEL 527 Grad Sem Dev Psych: 0-8  
EDEL 551 Assess Across Curriculum  
EDEL 571 Gr St: Sci Ed Practicum  
EDSC 502B New Teacher Induction Yr1  
EDSC 502C New Teacher Induction Yr2  
EDSC 542H Adv Methods Teaching Soc Sci  
EDSC 550 Instructional Strategies  
EGCE 431L Advanced Structural Lab  
EGCE 441L Environmental Engineering Lab  
EGCE 463L Precst & Prestress Lab  
EGCE 467 Railroad Eng & High Speed Rail  
EGCE 510 Finite Element Method  
EGEE 507 Detection Theory  
EGGN 340 Energy: Tech, Security, Future  
ENGL 304 Intro to Rhet, Literacy & Comp  
ENGL 429 American Landscape in Lit  
FIN 525 Corporate Governance  
FIN 543 Entrepreneurial Finance  
FIN 561 Financial Risk Mgmt Seminar  
HCOM 340 ASAM Communication D.3,Z
HUSR 440 Abuse Persons w/ Disabilities  
HUSR 501 Human Services History  
HUSR 510 Ethics in Human Services Leade  
HUSR 520 Community Leadership  
HUSR 530 Agencies Serving  
HUSR 540 Fundraising and Financial Lead  
HUSR 550 Evaluation and Research  
HUSR 560 Multicultural  
HUSR 570 Agency & Personnel Management  
HUSR 580 Internship Seminar  
ISDS 563 GIS for Business  
KNES 119B Intermediate Golf  
KNES 119C Advanced Golf  
KNES 120A Beginning Gymnastics  
KNES 120B Intermediate Gymnastics  
KNES 153 Wushu: Chinese Mar Arts  
KNES 214B Intermediate Scuba  
KNES 246B Intermediate Hatha Yoga  
KNES 250 Mental Skills Sport Perf  
KNES 367 Clin Athletic Train I  
KNES 406 Principles Sport/Exer Mgt  
KNES 532 Phys Act Promo & Behav Chg  
MGMT 442 Leadership Theory and Practice  
MGMT 510 Sem CSR/Managerial Ethics  
MGMT 520 Int'L Legal Envirn Of Bus  
MKTG 545 NonProfit & Societal Marketing  
MLSC 403 Platoon Leadership in MLSC  
NURS 312 LVN Bridge to RN  
NURS 600 Biostatistics for APN's  
PUBH 525 Alternative Medicine  
ART 464 Museum Conservation  
ART 475 Profsnl Practices in Arts  
ART 485B Sp St, General Crafts  
ART 488T Topics in Creative Photo  
ART 501 Curatorship  
ART 505B Grad Probs,General Crafts  
ART 588T Grad Topics: Photography  
BIOL 327 Stem Cells & Regener Medicine B.5
CNSM 100 Learning/Thinking in Sci/Math E
ENGL 100 Analytical College Writing A.2
ENGL 100W Writing Workshop A.2
ESE 99 Developmental Writing  
ETHN 457 Whiteness, a Racial Formation  
FREN 311 French for Intl Business  
GEOG 331 Canada  
GEOG 375 Geography of the Future  
GEOG 451 Political Geography  
GEOG 482 Environ Impact Assessment  
GEOG 501 Qualitative Research Methods  
GEOG 521 Monitoring Ecosystem Processes  
GEOG 533 Environmental Change  
GEOG 542 Southern California  
GEOG 543 Seminar in Cultural Geography  
GEOG 570 Metropolitan Los Angeles  
GRMN 214 Inter Reading C.2
GRMN 300 German Conversation  
GRMN 305 Adv Conv & Comp  
GRMN 310 Gmn in the Business World  
GRMN 311 Gmn for Intl Business  
GRMN 315 Intro to Gmn Civilization C.3,Z
GRMN 325 Our Trnds Cul Gmn-Spk Peo C.3,Z
GRMN 335 Intro to Literature C.3
GRMN 390 German Culture Through Cinema  
GRMN 399 German Phonetics  
GRMN 400 Adv Conv & Vocab Expansn  
HIST 319 Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789  
HIST 425E The European Wars of Religion  
HIST 425F Monsters and Marvels  
HIST 428A Liberal Europe, 19th C  
HIST 437D Women/Gender in Europe to 1700  
HIST 438 Modern Italy since 1796  
HIST 462 China Since 1600  
HIST 462C China Since 1949  
HIST 491T Prosem Sp Hist Topics  
HSS 399 Directed Study  
LATN 101 Intro to Latn Culture & Lang A  
MUS 102 Intro American Folk Music C.1
MUS 395 Internship/Professional Exper  
MUS 568 Graduate Vocal Pedagogy  
PHIL 224 Existentialism as a Way of Lif E
PHIL 342 Experimental & Empirical Phil  
PHIL 390 Time and Consciousness  
PHIL 409 The Nature of Morality  
PHIL 450 Norm Theory Public Affairs  
PHIL 470 Sem Metaphysics & Epistem  
PORT 317 Adv Conv & Comp  
PORT 385 Braz Cultr Comm Thru Narrative C.3,Z
POSC 411 Art Of Administration  
POSC 445 Globalztn, Justice & Democracy  
POSC 472 Judicial Politics  
POSC 477 Mock Trial: Legal Practicum II  
POSC 560 Sem Admin of Justice  
PSYC 430 Psych Study Eth Min Behav  
PSYC 515 Meta-Analysis  
PSYC 516 Structural Equation Modeling  
PSYC 568 Substance Abuse  
RLST 246B Intermediate Hatha Yoga  
RLST 302 Religion and Ecology  
RLST 311 Religion and Film  
RLST 322 Asian Amer & Religion C.3,Z
RLST 331T New Testament Studies  
RLST 335 Jud., Christ., Islam Comp  
RLST 337 Indiginous Religions & Phil C.3,Z
RLST 354T Topics in Buddhism  
RLST 385 Blavatsky's Theosophy  
RLST 387 Reincarnation  
RLST 401T Studies in Religious Texts  
RLST 458 Soc of Religious Behavior  
SOCI 403 Queer Community & Change  
SOCI 457 Whiteness, a Racial Formation  
TESL 98 Developmental ESL Writing  
TESL 540 Teaching Adult ESL/EFL  
THTR 541 Voice/Movement for Actor  
THTR 543 Performer And The Theatre  
THTR 563 Acting Studio  
THTR 583 Graduate Seminar: Acting  
VIET 468 Viet Biling & Lang Cont  
WGST 306 Indigenous Women D.3,Z
WGST 482 Difference & Intersectionality  
WGST 484 Transnational Feminist Theory