Developing Student Learning Outcomes

This guide is designed to assist you in writing Student Learning Outcomes using Bloom's Taxonomy. For example, you might design a course activity which requires learners to know a specific body of knowledge. Several knowledge-specific verbs are provided to assist in writing an appropriate learning goal.  More resources on developing and assessing Student Learning Outcomes can be found on the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness'  website.

For example:

  • Students will write the formula for the area of a triangle.
  • Students will list the levels in Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • Students will name for four states in Piaget's theory of cognitive development.

This guide includes verbs for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy







tell comprehend relate break down create judge
list change utilize uncover combine decide
cite reword solve look into build rate
choose construe adopt dissect compile prioritize
arrange render employ examine make appraise
find convert use take apart structure rank
group expand avail divide reorder weigh
label transform capitalize on simplify reorganize accept
select alter consume reason develop reject
match vary exploit include produce determine
locate retell profit by deduce compose assess
name qualify mobilize audit construct referee
offer moderate operate inspect blend umpire
omit restate ply section yield adjudge
pick INTERPRET handle canvass breed arbitrate
quote infer manipulate scrutinize cause decree
repeat define exert sift effect rule on
reset explain exercise assay generate award
say spell out try test for evolve criticize
show outline devote survey mature censure
sort annotate wield search make up settle
spell expound put in action study form classify
touch account for put to use screen constitute grade
write EXTRAPOLATE make use of compare originate  
underline project take up   conceive  
point to propose develop   formulate  
tally advance     invent  
transfer contemplate        
recite submit        
identify contrive        
hold offer        
check calculate