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G E D at C S U Fullerton
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Testing @ CSU Fullerton in Student Academic Services
ACE Warning against Online GED® Testing!

Scheduling Your Exam

bullet Seats can fill up fast and you must reserve a seat. Please call 657-278-2487 to reserve a seat.
bullet You may also contact the office by email @ for a current schedule and to make appointments.
bullet You must be a resident of California to take the GED at California State University, Fullerton.

Time | Place | Duration

bullet We offer full-day exams from 8-5 pm, with a 1/2 hour break for lunch, or
bullet Half-day exams 8-1 pm or 1-5

bullet Registration begins immediately at the scheduled times so don't be late! You can be turned away at the door if you are late.

  • You will be given an allotted amount of time for each section of the test.  
  • If you finish an exam before the allotted time you may proceed to the next test.
  • On full-day exam days you will be in the exam room as long as it takes you to finish the five tests.
  • On half-day exam days you will be given Language Arts-Writing-Parts I & II and Mathematics the first four hour period; on the second day of the exam you will finish with Science, Social Studies and Language Arts-Reading.  The same rule applies if you finish exams early; however, if the test you would take next could possibly go over the end time of the exam period the alternate examiner may refuse to administer the exam.
  • No examinees can go over the allotted amount of time on any exam.

Building | Location |
Directions | Parking

University Hall, Room  141A/B unless otherwise stated.
Where the Building is Located: Campus is located 800 N State College Blvd, 92831 between State College Blvd, Yorba Linda Blvd, Nutwood Ave and the 57 Freeway. The nearest exit is at the 57 Freeway and Nutwood, then west to Folino, then north but prepare for a quick left and make the first left. Look for the Carl's Jr. restuarant.

You must park in either lots A or G (off of Yorba Linda & State College), to avoid receiving a $45 ticket. Allow 20 minutes extra if driving, parking, and walking to the exam room. If you park on campus you will need an additional $8.00 for a daily parking permit, (bring eight one dollar bills for the parking meter). 
It is easier to be dropped off at Folino and Nutwood area of the campus. Look for the Carl's Jr. University Hall is the adjacent building.
Or you could ride the bus. OCTA
Exam Fee

$120 CASH ONLY for complete exam (sorry no checks)

*Fees subject to change without notice. Please call ahead for pricing.

Pay on the day of the exam. No prepayment, fees are collected the day of the exam during the registration period.

There is an ATM adjacent to University Hall at Carl's Jr.

Miscellaneous Fees $35 cash for one test at our testing center, after taking test elsewhere, plus
$25 cash for each additional test
$15 cash for each additional copy Official Report of Test Results
$20 for each additional copy of the GED Certificate (1990 and Prior)
$15 from CSUF or FREE from the State (1991 to Present
Required Identification A Valid California ID or Driver License, US Passport, or Military ID with Photo and Signature are Required Before Your Exam is Administered and Scores are Released
Minimum Age 18 or 60 days prior to 18th birthday, or prior to when a candidate’s class would have graduated (a written verification is needed stating the date when the graduation would have occurred). All 17 year old candidates within the 60 day stipulation are eligible if: 1) they have been out of school for 60 consecutive school days; and 2) they present a written request from the military, a prospective employer, national guard, or post secondary institution.

GED Preparation Centers

Fullerton                            La Sierra High School                          714-446-7665

Garden Grove                   Chapman-Hettinga Adult Center        714-663-6520

Huntington Beach            Huntington Beach Adult Center         714-847-2873

San Juan Capistrano       Capistrano Adult School                     949-493-0658

Baldwin Park                    Baldwin Park Adult School                 626-338-5115

Exam Content

There are five parts in the GED exam--Language Arts: Writing Sections I & II; Language Arts: Reading; Social Studies; Science; and Mathematics. For further information click here:

The GED 5th Edition Overview Guide

Scoring To pass the GED you need a minimum score of 410 on every section but you must average a 450 overall to pass the entire exam. For example, if you earn 410s on all five sections, it will not average 450.  You must meet both requirements to pass the exam. Therefore, scoring above the minimum is ideal and necessary to pass.
Your Results Results of your exam may take two to four weeks to post on the designated website. The certificate takes four to eight weeks longer to arrive at the address you enter on your registration form; the certificate will be mailed to you from the State GED Office in Sacramento, California.


Examinee Website (After you have taken the exam.)


ACE|GED Information for Testtakers


GED Missing Document (1991 to Present) contact CSUF TOP OF PAGE



GED Missing Document (scores that were never received or lost, 1990 and prior) 866-370-4740

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