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The Student Diversity Program (SDP) at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is a program primarily concerned with the low rate of graduation among the 'at-risk' student population. The SDP was originally designed to assist African American athletes, but now has expanded to assist 'at-risk' students from within the diverse CSUF student population. The program employs a unique approach to serving 'at-risk' students which is based on an extended family model in helping students to achieve integrated academic and social success thereby improving student retention. Some of the program goals are to:


John Reid, Coordinator, Student Diversity Program

John Reid, Jr.
Coordinator, Student Diversity Program
Cal State Fullerton



Increase the retention and graduation rate of CSUF's 'at-risk' students.



Increase the self-esteem of 'at-risk' students.



Provide programs promoting life's mastery.



Adhere to standards improving academic and social integration.

bullet Assist with transition of 'at-risk' students from college to the "real world of work."

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