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Frequently Asked Questions

What major and degree catalog year will be reflected on my TDA?

TITAN Degree Audits reflect the major/concentration and degree catalog year that is in your academic records. If your report is not what you think it should be, please check your records at the Admissions & Records Service Center (ARSC) at LH-114.

If you need to change or correct your major and degree catalog year, obtain an Undergraduate Change of Academic Objective form from the ARSC and have it signed by the appropriate department administrator(s). If your major involves choosing a specific area of emphasis, please make sure that you indicate this on your Change of Objective form. Finally, remember to take your completed form back to the ARSC (LH-114) after obtaining the necessary signatures and paying the appropriate fees.

You can use the 'Run for What-If major' option to request a different major prior to submitting the required form, but remember this does not officially change your academic records.


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