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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TDA comprised of?

The Titan Degree Audit is comprised of General Education requirements, major requirements, all University requirements and general electives.

Easy-to-spot flags such as 'OK' or '+' indicate that a requirement has been satisfied. The flags 'NO' and '-' indicate unsatisfied requirements.

A list of pre-approved courses follows requirements that are unsatisfied (indicated by 'Take ==>').

Courses that are 'in-progress' are applied on the requirements they satisfy but do not carry unit values.

For students with coursework from other institutions, the transfer course title and institution name will appear on the degree audit.

The audit provides information on the student's grade point average for all courses attempted within a major.

Transferred courses that are neither articulated nor CSU GE-certified will be identified by a unique 'TRSFR' number.

Other important information such as the completion of the English Writing Proficiency Exam and courses where the Repetition of Course Policy has been applied are included in the degree audit.

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