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 California State University, Fullerton



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Welcome to the Adult Reentry Center

Our Mission

The Adult Reentry Center at California State University, Fullerton is dedicated to issues of the adult learner and the successful completion of their educational goals.  Our mission is to provide support services to prospective students and current students who have multiple responsibilities outside the role of a student.  We serve as a resource to the CSUF community in providing an educational environment for adult learners’ success and retention.

Profile of an Adult Reentry Student

The profile of an adult reentry student is constantly evolving and the number of reentry students at our university is rapidly growing. An adult reentry student is at least twenty –five years of age and has made the decision to reenter the academic arena.  Returning to school after a break from college is an important and significant issue for the adult learner.  Many feel overwhelmed and intimidated with the idea of coming to a university.  Once they become students, they may experience feelings of isolation and concern about academic skills and performance.  The Adult Reentry Center is aware of the unique needs experienced by reentry students and offers support and services to foster and enhance students’ growth and success.