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Catherine VanRiette, Adult Reentry Coordinator

SunsetThe profile of the adult reentry student is constantly evolving, and the number of reentry students at our university is rapidly growing.  Our adult reentry students are at least 25 years of age and have made the decision to attend our university to complete their education. 

Returning to school after an absence is a significant issue for adult learners. Usually, they return with more responsibilities to manage than when they were previously in school, such as marriage, children, extended families, jobs, and careers. These additional demands upon their schedules may initially elicit concerns about time constraints, performance, and the level of skills they possess in the academic arena. Typically, reentry students achieve a remarkable level of competency as they progress toward their academic goals. 

ARC is aware of the unique needs experienced by reentry students and functions to offer support and services to foster and enhance students’ growth and success.

We offer weekly discussions and workshops on issues that are pertinent to students’ success, and present opportunities for them to improve their skills as they pursue their academic goals. 

ARC offers Workshops and Strategies for Success to assist students by improving their study skills, effectively using time management techniques, assistance with classroom writing assignments, stress management, and more.        

Additionally, we offer limited assistance with forms for CalWORKs students. 

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