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Mission Statement
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The Adult Reentry Center (ARC) at CSUF is dedicated to issues encountered by the student returning to school after a substantive absence. The center's mission is to provide support services to prospective students and current students who have multiple responsibilities outside the role of student. The center serves as a resource to the CSUF community in providing an educational environment for adult learners' success and retention.

Services, Programs, Resources

Bullet Preadmission Workshops
Bullet Adult Learner Series: Strategies for Success
Bullet Families Across Cultures
Bullet HDCS 300: Adult Learner Seminar
Bullet Individual Appointments
Bullet Cal WORKS
Bullet Internship and Independent Study Site
Bullet Research and Publication - Profiles and Needs Assessment
Bullet On and Off Campus Referrals

Further Information

We invite you to come in and visit our center. Our regular hours are 8:00a.m. - 5:00pm. Please call the center for evening hours. If you would you would like to speak to an advisor about becoming a student, please call and schedule an individual appointment. For more information, contact the Adult Reentry Center, California State University, Fullerton, University Hall 205, or call (657) 278-3889.

Campus Collaborations

Academic Advisement Center Co-Curricullar Achievement Record (CAR)
Academic Departments New Student Programs (Orientation)
Admissions & Records Financial Aid
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs International Education & Exchange
Center for Careers in Teaching Outreach / Enrollment Management
Dean of Students Office
University Learning Center

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