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Parenting Students

Parenting Workshop Series

Mindful Parenting Presented by Dr. Sapna Chopra
September 21st   UH 205   1:00-2:00pm

Learn tools that will help you respond in ways that bring more joy, compassion, and connection in your interactions with your children.

Dealing with Children's Negative Behaviors Presented by Dr. Katherine Bono
October 2nd   Children's Center   1:00-2:00pm

Learn why children behave in ways that we perceive as negative and how to develop appropriate expectations for your children.

Lactation Space Reservations

CSUF is committed to providing faculty, staff, students, visitors and job applicants with a private, secure, convenient and sanitary space to use for lactation. They are “Rejuvenation Spaces” and they are shielded from intrusion from others. At a minimum, the Rejuvenation Spaces will contain a comfortable sofa or chair, access to electricity, and a table near or attached to a chair that will support a lactation pump. Mothers expressing milk are expected to make their own arrangements for refrigeration, including sealed containers and proper storage.

To reserve a space, please fill out the  Department Rejuvenation Space Request FormPDF File and call our center at 657-278-3928.

For more information on the Lactation program please visit the Human Resourses, Diveristy and Inclusion website: