The WoMen’s and Adult Reentry Center strives to help as many students as possible. Hence, a student may receive only one award per academic semester: Fall, spring, summer. (This does not apply to the YWCA and ASI Scholarships). Our intention is to make the best possible match of scholarship for our students. Accordingly, if you are selected for more than one scholarship, we will match you with the scholarship with the higher value.

About Our Scholarships

Wakeman Reentry Scholarship

$1300 Value

Due April 17th

Ms. Wakeman established this scholarship to support the efforts of current reentry students whose educational pursuits are necessary to acheive their career goals.

Criteria: Successful candidates are current CSUF students who will also be enrolled in Fall 2019, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, be a reentry student, and be able to demonstrate how their educational success will enable them to attain their career goals.

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 $2000 Value

Due April 17th

Criteria: Be 25 years or older, be a parent, enrolled at CSUF and working towards a degree.

 John H Grace Scholarship ApplicationPDF File Opens in new window