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 Fall 2016 Scholarships will post the end of September


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New Opportunities for Employment Through Retraining  

This scholarship is funded through the Orange County Community Foundation.  Applicants must be over the age of 25 and be changing one's job and/or acquiring new skills through an undergraduate education.  Applicants must reside in Orange County and be accepted to CSUF.  Applicants must demonstrate financial need  with preference given to single parenting students.

Cecil B Thompson: 

This scholarship was established by Michael Dannan to recognize and honor adult reentry students returning to college after an extended absence.  This scholarship is a tribute to Cecil B. Thompson, a former CSUF Economics faculty member who inspired Michael Dannan during his first college experience in the 1960’s. 


Wakeman Reentry Scholarship Endowment:

Carole Wakeman, a CSUF graduate from Humanities & Social Sciences, established the WakeMan Re-Entry Scholarship Endowment in late 2013.  Ms. Wakeman was a re-entry student when she attended CSUF and was familiar with the challenges of raising a family and completing her degree.  Ms. Wakeman wanted to establish an endowed scholarship to support the efforts of current CSUF re-entry students whose educational pursuits were necessary to achieve their career goals. Her hope is that this will enable a CSUF student to achieve their dreams educationally and through their career. 


Bobbe Browning Scholarship

This scholarship was established in honor of Bobbe Browning and her efforts to recognize and assist Adult Reentry students who are single parents, head of household, holding academic and professional promise.  Applications available Fall Semester.